You’re FIRED Mr.President!

It is amazing that we finally have some people on congress who understand Trump needs to be fired. It now seems we have both democrats and republicans willing to stand up against this Demagogue of a President who cares more about the TRUMP brand than the Rule of Law and the American people and American traditions.

Robert Reich just penned a letter firing Mr. Trump several days ago. I like to use some of his thoughts here in my blog to point out some of his lies and dangerous behavior that should scare the crap out of every American.

Many of us disagree on ideology but obeying the constitution is the bedrock of America. Let’s look at your record during the first 2 years of your presidential term:

Your 35-day shutdown of our Government was a senseless abuse of power and hurt the American people, alone with the Alabama football team who had to eat food from Burger King, because there was no staff to cater the event.

Your Tax billed for the rich was amazing. Big Corporations aren’t paying a dime and getting back billions in refunds while most of us are paying more ( Amazon paid no taxes on $11.2 billion of profit, GM paid zilch on 11.8 billion of profit and claimed a $104 million refund.  Oh and the inheritance tax gave away billions to billionaire family’s. you are working for us the American people, not giant corporations.  Good Job if you’re a CEO!

You also don’t have a clue about health care. Hell you eat McDonalds every day so you don’t know about health or care about the American people. You even wanted to eliminate the protection of pre-existing conditions that help millions od working Americans.

You have singled handled the destroyed the relationships America has with it’s allies a relationship that defeated the Nazis in WW2 and this same relationship of allies continues to stand against Russia and Mr. Putin a friend of yours. Your behavior regarding our national intelligence agencies is outrageous. You would believe Putin a sworn enemy of the US over your own national intelligence agencies. Only a fool or a Russian operative would say I believe Putin’s assessment of their meddling in our 2016 national election.

We the American people give you official notice “ Your Fired” and the American justice system will detail & indict you for all the crimes you accomplished as a real estate tycoon and tax dodger. 

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