“ You Can’t Fix Stupid “

King Trump Is a Menace to Our Democracy

King Trump’s authoritarian style has prioritized personal loyalty, television ratings, and his own reelection prospects over public health and science, while people are dying and the economy takes a disastrous hit. He steps into the void of establishment politics, declaring himself unlimited with Presidential power. He commands a xenophobic, racist Whitehouse that he has formed with like-minded trolls.

The president’s behavior and his pathological narcissism results in the most incredible incompetence, making it unlikely that he will summon the strategic brilliance needed to transform his campaign into a viable one that will get him more support than the ignorant red necked non educated white racists in our country. These white racists want America to be just white at all costs.

It is true that King Trump and his racist politics will protect no more than 40% of our voting population. This will not be enough to garner more than 145 electoral votes for 2020. The Democratic Party is a reflection of what America was always about” a Melting Pot of People”.  Trump’s MAGA is about the white race and that’s all. His stupid supporters do not wear masks but will carry guns in public.

With King Trump choking off funds for the US Postal Service we see the dictator he really has become. He thinks as president he is King of our country. Trump’s underhanded political tactics were learned from Roger Stone, The same Roger Stone he pardoned this year after a jury found him guilty for several counts of lying to congress and his silence about election interference. King Trump is a danger to democracy and America. He is the biggest cause for concern regarding our democracy.

King Trump’s handling of the Corona Crisis was tragic and like all his works, chaotic and mismanaged so more than 170,000 people have died. Experts say more than 60,000 people could have been saved with masks alone. To which we still do not have a national mask policy. To say Trump has failed the American people would be mild, consider what Trump has been doing to our country ( the Largest National Debt in our History) what he did to his businesses would be comical if it were not so real and tragic what he is doing to our country.

I will not blame only Trump, I blame all those Republican Senators who back him all the way to the detriment of our Country and it’s People.  When will his stupid redneck supports wake up to the harm he has inflected to our Country? History will show the extreme harm Trump produced in four years. He will go down as the worst and most corrupt President in history. The new congress will pass new laws to curtail the power of the executive branch. Trump has taught us a valuable lesson, in politics that at present our three branches of government are not equal to the power of the executive branch. It’s time to remedy this equation. Only a new democratic congress can tackle a job as large as the power of our three branches. It’s time we look back at our founders ideas about our republic and correct the power structure of the executive branch. We cannot have this happen again in our great country.

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