Yes Ivanka, There is No Supreme Leader!

Just like the NY Times article to Virginia years ago about Santa Claus being real, We at Save America Dump Trump are writing to Ivanka about the reality there is no Supreme Leader in America, only in Star Wars. We do have three branches of government.  Our Forefathers chose not to have a Totalitarian style of government, No Supreme Leader. Just three equal but distinct branches with checks & balances.

First Ivanka there is the Executive branch, which your dad the Donald is the President, Not the Supreme Leader. But there are more divisions to this branch: Vice President, 15 Level cabinet members of which several have been convicted of crimes against the US as well as half a dozen just leaving their post because of the President raging. It makes for a chaotic executive branch.

Ivnaka then there is the Legislative Branch, which consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives, known as Congress. Three are 100 Senators two from each state. There is 435 member of the House. Together they will pass laws and allocate funds for running the government and providing assistance to all 50 states. But this branch can split in two because of our elections and make things chaotic where some support your Dad the factious Supreme Leader. This sounds a little like Star Wars.

Right now we are having a power struggle with congress. The Democrats control the House and the Republicans control the Senate. Trumps pawns control the Senate. Except for about 6 Republican Senators with strong morals who stand on their own. It’s a little like a tug of war with our government that will continue till the next election.

Lastly Ivanka is the Judicial Branch, which consists of the Supreme Court and lower Federal courts.  The Supreme Court has nine Justices all lifetime appointees. The Judicial branch interprets the laws that congress passes. Did I mention there is NO Supreme Leader just the Supreme Court.

Now Ivanka our forefather wrote our constitution with three distinct branches for the purpose of Checks & Balances. This was done to stop Totalitarian style of government. You know the type “ Supreme Leader behavior your father, the Donald want to push on the American people. But Again Ivanka We do not have a position in government called Supreme Leader as in Star Wars.

The problem is the President, who is abusing his power in many areas. He refuses to have his power checked by Congress. This is a big problem for your father because he thinks he is the supreme leader of America. He wants a Med-Evil wall constructed on our southern border to keep the Mongol Hordes (women & children who want asylum) from immigrating to our country.  Now he wants to shut down the Southern Border which provides our country with 1.7 billion dollars of trade every day.

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