Willful Ignorance & The Republican Party

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES - 2021/01/06: Security forces respond with tear gas after the US President Donald Trump's supporters breached the US Capitol security. Pro-Trump rioters stormed the US Capitol as lawmakers were set to sign off Wednesday on President-elect Joe Biden's electoral victory in what was supposed to be a routine process headed to Inauguration Day. (Photo by Probal Rashid/LightRocket via Getty Images)

I just recently learned about willful ignorance from Michael Dowd a Republican strategist who worked for Geo Bush. Dowd stated on Don Lemon’s show that Republicans are using willful ignorance as a tool for misinformation and their behavior can be the greatest threat to American Democracy in this century. As you already know the obtuse behavior of the GOP makes me sick! The GOP stands for nothing but chaos and blocking legislation that helps the middle class in America.

If you analyze the GOP behavior on the 2020 election and the Jan 6th riot and the Biden stimulus it’s all willful ignorance and hiding behind their white supremacy agenda. The population is changing to where most new voters will lean towards the Democratic Party. This means the percent of Democratic advantage will go into double digits. As well as most independent voters and now younger voters who want the government to support climate control, they are all lean toward social Democratic ideas that benefit the masses.

At this point in 2021 President Biden has vaccinated more than half of all Americans that want the shot. He has passed a stimulus plan without one Republican vote. In America’s towns n cities he had won the support of the people red n blue states. It looks like the plan for infrastructure is going to be passed by the Democrats without any Republicans.  Biden will again gain support in red states where this money will go for rebuilding roads n bridges to support local jobs n local economies.

There still is a Trumpian alternate reality with 49% of Republicans that Trump actually won the 2020 election through voter fraud and the Big Lie continues. This is a Big Lie, proven many times over in the world medias. But as long as Fox News gains ratings spreading this lie it will continue to be true for Republican racism n white supremists in America.

MAGA was a genius tactical term. It was Willful Ignorance at it’s best for non-educated white men and women (Lizard Brains) all over the country. They drank the Red Punch of hope that only King Trump could fix the swamp in congress & Washington. He fed them the lie about election fraud. Now we have the White Supremist Republicans in Congress & the Senate taking up his mantle of racism with Ron Johnson & Josh Hawley leading the charge.

The Republicans were voting en masse against “The Biden Stimulus” a measure to extend unemployment benefits and send $1,400 checks to millions of households, while arguing against a $15 an hour minimum wage for their blue-collar voters. As my old math professor used to say, “That’s convoluted logic”. How can you be against free money, opening schools and helping local government unless you are not fighting for the working class over real world politics? And now they are opposed to an Infrastructure plan that pays for itself without taxing Americans who make less than $400,000.00 per year.

As long as Fox News can make a buck selling snake oil white supremacy and racism it will continue to trot out people like Sean Hannity to feed gumdrops to a Moron like King Donald Trump. Fox News panders to white non educated crowd.

Republicans now face the familiar challenge of keeping their populist base riled up without King Trump on Twitter everyday. The GOP opposing policies that would benefit many of those in red states and core GOP supporters hate Democrats. Indeed, even as Republicans tried to convince their voters they have the workingman interests at heart that’s The Big Lie.  Because it is plain to see Republicans support BIG Corporate and wealthy people. Check Moscow Mitch and the GOP voting record during the Trump era.

Democracy has a cost. That cost is the education of the populists in America. Many states are failing to educate their people and it shows in the reading scores in with the bottom states being: Alabama, West Virginia, Louisiana, New Mexico, South Carolina, Mississippi and Arkansas. If the citizens are not educated then King Trump a racists demigod can sell them a Story, The “Big Lie” and they can hold on for dear life and believe, because they are lizard brains. 

While the Republicans will use Willful Ignorance to support of the Big Lie, then deny the Jan 6th Riot. They will also support the second amendment and say there is no need for Gun Control. The Republicans will use Willful Ignorance to go against the Biden’s Infrastructure plan, a National bill on infrastructure that pays for itself while helping people in red and blue states. All the while the GOP promotes the Republicans are the party of the working-man, except when it comes to taxes. Then the republicans want to protect the 2% of Rich Americans who don’t pay their fair share of taxes or if they pay any taxes at all, the evidence is as plain as day… Republicans in the House & the Senate support “THE RICH” while screwing the common people.

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