Why Republican Trumpers Have Lizard Brains

The Lizard Brain folks who are wrongly convinced that Donald Trump actually won the 2020 election are also more likely to resist the Covid-19 vaccines that Trump’s government fast-tracked last year. The Lizard Brain folks who want to believe that the Capitol riot was a “peaceful protest” are also susceptible to other types of misinformation. Disbelief about election results, distrust of public health officials, and a disregard for democratic principles — it’s all connected.

The latest numbers on vaccination rates are telling: Mississippi has the lowest percentage of vaccinated residents, followed by Alabama, Arkansas, Wyoming, Louisiana, Georgia and Tennessee. All except Louisiana have both Republican governors and legislatures, as do the next seven on the list. Among the 14 U.S. senators representing the bottom seven, only two (both in Georgia) are Democrats. 97% 0f Covid-19 deaths are unvaccinated people. Mostly are Lizard Brain Trumpers.

The Post reports, “Ten states, concentrated in the Deep South and rural West, report fewer than 35 percent of residents are fully immunized.” Health care in these deep-red states is generally dreadful. Among the 12 states that have neither expanded nor voted to expand Medicaid, all but three have GOP governors and in those three (North Carolina, Kansas and Wisconsin), a Democratic governor faces a GOP legislature that produces high Covid-19 infections and deaths.

These Lizard Brain folks are being pumped with misinformation by Fox News talking heads. This includes Megan Kelly, Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson. These people who make some 10 million a year, daily sell snake oil stories about the Biden administrations and their attempt to vaccinate the public. They sell conspiracy theories to a Trump audience like James Jones was selling cool aid to his followers. You all know how that turned out.

These aforementioned reporters frame their stories around the nonsense peddled by Republican lawmakers. Sure, those politicians deserve some scrutiny. But I’d argue that the focus of these stories should be on the people behind the scenes who control massive radio, TV and web platforms and have far more influence. Who has a bigger and more influential platform — Rupert Murdoch or Marjorie Taylor Greene? Why does the latter person get more scrutiny than the former? These questions are worth pondering…”

Definition of Lizard Brain: One who follows the pack without any original thoughts for one self, but give all their freedoms and follow an authoritarian like King Trump and away from Democracy. They tend to be white who are racist and white supremist who want the white race to rule this country like in the 50’s, 69’s and 70’s. They may be a lawyer, Senator or a plumber, they all like and support Jim Crow laws to suppress the Black, Brown and Asian vote.

Now that multiple reporters have new books out, show how General Mark Milley feared King Trump would pull a coup to maintain control of the office of the President. It’s true (That Trump truly lost in the 2020 elections) and it was founded with truth and facts by all three major networks and most national newspapers. Yet here are two serious threats: “The Big Lie and Jim Crow 2.0” to democracy that King Trump perpetuates to the American public.

Historian Timothy Snyder, author of “On Tyranny,” used The Big Lie in the wake of the January 6 insurrection. “The idea that Mr. Biden didn’t win the election is a big lie,” he told CNN’s Brian Stelter. “It’s a big lie because you have to disbelieve all kinds of evidence to believe in it. It’s a big lie because you have to believe in a huge conspiracy in order to believe it. And it’s a big lie because, if you believe it, it demands you take radical action. So this is one way we have really moved forwards towards authoritarianism and away from democracy. It’s coming to a peak right now.”

The Ideas that resonate with Trumpers who are really just Racists and White Supremacist is Trump’s authoritarianism is wanted more than democracy. It’s easy for Trumpers to give away their freedoms in the name of a white race that rules America. But for the rest of us “We The People” wants the freedom of choice, the rule of law with fair and free elections.

Lastly I say if the Trump followers don’t want vaccines so be it. Let them catch the new Covid Delta virus and die. It only shows how stupid Trumpers real are in reality. The infection rate from Delta of non-vaccinated people is 97%. Today 70% of Americans have had the vaccination and are safe from Covid-19 infections. As stated above it’s the Red Republican States, which is full of Trumpers that are getting sick and dying.  By not getting a vaccination the Republican Party members are really reducing their number of eligible voters thus making their new Jim Crow2.0 laws less effective. The obvious political slant of misinformation campaign of Republicans in Red States is producing more infections and death among their supporters.   Let’s have Democrats rise up and vote in mass to elect and re elect Democrats in the House and in the Senate. I say Power to the people who believe in Democracy.


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