Why Florida School Kids Are Going To Die

In the State of Florida Governor Ron DeMento is betting his anti mask wearing mandate in schools will galvinize the Republican base ahead of his re election bid next year. The gamble is providing some intense news coverage by Fox News and intensifying a backlash from Democrats. It seems Ron DeMento stands firm on no and masks Florida school kids are getting infected & dying by the Covid Delta Virus. The results are the school boards are defying Ron DeMento to keep school kids in Florida safe. At the same time Ron Demento watches Florida having the highest infection & death rate in the nation.  The Governor Ron DeMento will feel the pressure by the time Floridians go to the polls next year to cast their verdict on his first term. For now, the Delta variant’s surge in Florida is a wild card for the governor, who has refused to ramp up mitigation efforts even as the pandemic threatens the state’s tourism industry.

The Ideas that resonate with Trumpers who are really just Racists and White Supremacist is Trump’s authoritarianism is wanted more than democracy. It’s easy for Trumpers to give away their freedoms in the name of a white race that rules America. Now little Trump Ron DeMento ridiculed the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over their new mask guidance — “Did you not get the CDC’s memo?,” he asked the mostly unmasked crowd to laughter. “I don’t see you complying” — and pledged to take a hard line against other measures. These moronic measures will surely fail him and he will lose in the polls on the next election.

Democratic candidates and Democratic-aligned groups are ringing alarm bells over the situation in Florida and pinning the bulk of the blame for the state’s dire circumstances on Govenor DeMento.  With more than 20,000 new Covid-19 cases being reported daily because of the refusals by the governor and GOP lawmakers to allow proven mitigation measures to be used even as cases climb among children.

According to statistics from the Florida Department of Health, there were 16,764 new cases among those under 12 years old (a cohort not yet eligible to be vaccinated) from August 6-12. That represented a positivity rate of 22.1%, slightly higher than the state average. Floridians ages 12 to 19 years old accounted for nearly 15,000 new cases that week. Their positivity rate also exceeded the state number, at 24.3% to 19.3% overall.

It does not take a rocket scientist to see Governor Ron DeMento is making it easier for the Delta Virus to Kill MORE Floridians than ever before. The Health care system is taxed to the limit and DeMento’s actions will only increase the fact the Florida is leading the nation in deaths.

The Governor Ron DeMento lacks the compassion and common sense to get us out of this pandemic. Just like King Trump, Governor DeMento is only serving his own re election hunger by appealing to Trumpers who do not want to get vaccinated and make fun of people who wear masks. In a recent interview of a 5 year old school child in Sarasota Florida we find an astonishing honest assessment of Mask Wearing. This 5 year old wrote a letter to Governor DeSantis stating that his fellow student understood that wearing a mask in school was not always comfortable but the masks did help protect other students from getting Covid and also provided a way to keep the virus from spreading to other students since they were not old enough to get a vaccine. This 5 year old student offered to show Governor DeSantis the proper way to wear a mask. If the Governor still refused to wear a mask the student recommended Governor DeSantis should be put into time out until he learned the health science and benefits of wearing a mask in school. I say when will a school board in Florida sue the Governor DeMento for child endangerment. Its his anti mask laws that is causing the deths of children and teachers all over the state.

But for the rest of us “We The People” wants the freedom of choice, the rule of law with fair and free elections. The pandemic is still here our Government has provided at no costs vaccines to stop Covid just like the flu vaccine yet Trumpers all over the country will not get vaccinated or wear masks. Why I ask. They respond it’s their right to do so. As I have said before the ranks of Trumpers will surely fall with Covid infections and deaths. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize the benefits of vaccinations and mask wearing. Only a Lizard Brain would reject the CDC recommendations for getting a vaccine & wearing a mask.


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