What Is The Republican Party Today?

Since the Capitol attack, Trump, many of his allies within the Republican Party and right-wing media personalities have publicly painted a picture of the day’s events jarringly at odds with reality. This is a common use of the Trump alternate reality, one that King Trump and the Republicans have used and continue to use today. But the proof of reality is on the video of the Capital riot on Jan 6th on film by all the major networks and the internal video from the capital’s security cameras. Now on May 25th with Moscow Mitch’s help the GOP senate killed a bill for an independent panel with equal amount of Democrats and Republicans to explore the Jan 6ths riot of the capital and why it happen that day. It was a move to protect the ex president Donald J Trump Mr. Dog Whistle himself.

Debra Ell, a Republican organizer in Michigan and fervent supporter of the former president, Donald Trump said she has good reason to believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen. Again The BIG LIE not the truth surfaces again.

“I think I speak for many people in that Trump has never actually been wrong, and so we’ve learned to trust when he says something, that he’s not just going to spew something out there that’s wrong and not verified,” she said, referring to Trump’s baseless claims that widespread electoral fraud caused his loss to President Biden in November. This statement is a mind blower if you are a rational thinker in America. Debra Eli personifies the lizard brain thinking of a radical GOP supporter, one who lives in an alternate reality & who has a world view colored by Trumpism. There is “NO TRUTH” regarding King Trump and his 30,000 lies while in office. That includes the “Big Lie” that the radical GOP has embraced and used to pass the new Jim Crow 2.0 laws popping up all over the America

If you analyze the GOP behavior in the 2020 and 2021 you will see a party that does not view the truth about the facts in America. The GOP only favors the rich & Corporate America. They live for conspiracy theories not facts. Please just look at the 2017 Tax Act that left behind a deficit of 2 Trillion dollars allowing the richest 2% to gain in wealth by a combine 3 Trillion, all the while the poor got poorer and the middle class the ”Working Class” saw more taxes not less. The truth is the GOP is and was the party of the rich. Only the redneck white supremist thinks King Trump’s tax act was good for America. That’s because they are all Lizard Brains with no moral compass and no ability to see the con job King Trump sold them through MAGA.

Today we see a Republican party without a platform. During the 2020 election Trump ran without a platform just a racist ideal of whites should rule America. What does that mean? It meant the Republican Party stood for nothing, except White Supremacy. These republican morons believe in the King Trump’s dog whistling racism and his agenda of MAGA for his cult following who believe the white race is losing control of this country. That’s the reason for so many Jim Crow 2.0 laws being passed in our democratic country.

The population is changing to where most new voters will lean towards the Democratic Party especially young voters who believe in climate change. This means the percent of Democratic advantages will go into double digits. As well as most independent voters and now younger voters who want the government to support infrastructure with a jobs bill attached, they are all lean toward social Democratic ideas that benefit the masses. The GOP response is to pass laws to repress voting of all non-whites.

I’ll say the Republicans are against social programs. Except for the rich. Our great country has improved the standard of living for most Americans and the Social programs that the Democrats have passed into law have improved the lives of hundred of millions of Americans since FDR started it all back in the 40’s. So I say to you GOP right wings out there, “would you like to live without these social programs” and have King Trump rule America without a constitution or the rule of law? These social programs Make America Great. Now is the time to support Biden’s agenda to Make America Great Again!

How can you take the GOP seriously when Senator Tim Scott “America is not a racist country,” Scott said. “It’s wrong to try to use our painful past to try to dishonestly shut down debates in the present.” What is the truth here? America today is a divided country, one where we find racism on the climb because of King Trump. If the new voting rights laws in Georgia and Florida are truly a new Jim Crow law that restricts the ability for Americans to vote especially Black & Brown voters. This GOP response is not a measure of helping voters, which is another Big Lie. These bills have nothing to do with the integrity of voting, but a new way to suppress the vote.

The fundamental difference between the GOP and the Democrats is that the Democrats believe it’s the government’s job to help the public through social programs. But the GOP only wants to help the 2%ers and Big Corporations through tax plans that favor the rich and trickle down. The poor & middle class are tired of Trickle down. The strength of America is the middle class not the billionaire class.

Maybe the GOP religious right should put down their bibles look up and around to find the truth in America. See the benefits of what our social programs have given to all Americans and what could be done to rebuild America with new programs. Let’s be real people, The GOP does not have a platform, King Trump did away with it in 2020. I say pass the Biden Infrastructure bill, spend more on schools. The only way America beats the Chinese is through education & producing more men & women who are scientists, engineers and cyber experts for our future.

Really what do the Trump GOPs in Washington want & what do they stand for?  They all want “MAGA” which means white supremacy in white dominated politics and King Trump their savior.  I say they stand for their own elected public service jobs and their pocket books. There is no foundation or platform to stand on except for hate & white supremacy.

As Abe Lincoln once said ” A house divided against itself cannot stand” As long as Republicans hold onto the belief that whites should rule this country we will see a divided nation with a population growing against white supremacy and radical racism. The trend of purple in America is ongoing and nothing except another civil war will stop it. King Trump accomplished one thing bringing hate between his white American radical cult and the rest of the American melting pot. America has been a melting pot of race and culture form the beginning of our country. We are stronger, smarter and more resilient because of it.

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