Vote King Trump Out Along With His Republican Cronies

King Trump knows his re-election fortunes are fading. He knows his time is about up. He thinks he is entitled to eight more years “because they spied on his campaign.” He thinks he is “the greatest of all presidents.” He thinks he has “done more for women than just about any president in history.” These grandiose and false statements belie a man who is scrambling, flailing, agitated and plainly desperate.

The truth is that King Trump is a malignant narcissist who is also antisocial and sadistic. He is tied up in knots because he knows he may be facing criminal charges once he leaves office; he has already been named as an unindicted co-conspirator. He is desperate to hang onto his power and control and constant feeding of adoration by his supporters. He has thrived on his greed and corruption as president.

King Trump floated the proposition of postponing the November election because of the pandemic. That idea did not fly even with Republicans. His nefarious motivation was transparent to all.

King Trump is now trying to steal the election by crippling the Postal Service. He is fueling a campaign of voter suppression. He knows it is his only chance to win. He is adamantly opposed to national mail-in voting. Such voting would defeat him for certain. No matter what happens with mail-in voting, Trump is already setting the stage for claims that he is the victim of voter fraud.

As King Trump’s desperation grows, we will see typical Trump pathology: hostile tweets, wild accusations, lies, blaming, fear mongering, conspiracy theories, and vindictiveness. His psyche will continue to unravel before our eyes. Everything he says will be either projection or confession. He will have no self-control, no shame and no empathy. He cannot under any circumstance accept responsibility for his feelings, thoughts or actions.

Vote King Trump Out Along With His Republican Cronies

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