Trump’s Cult just Killed The Republican Party

WASHINGTON,DC-JAN6: Supporters of President Trump storm the United States Capitol building. (Photo by Evelyn Hockstein/For The Washington Post via Getty Images)

The Debt Ceiling is a joke for the Trump controlled Republican Party. The debt at this point is a credit card expense from The ex President, yet the Trump controlled cult is voting to put pain on America by voting against the Debt Ceiling. This is not the only thing the Republicans are voting against. They are voting against helping the American people only to hurt the Democrats at all costs.

The next no votes will be on the infrastructure bill that was a bipartisan bill written by both Democrats and Republicans, The bill is 20 years overdue. The Republicans will gleefully spend Billions on making war but when it comes to rebuilding America its no way, Not today or tomorrow. As climate changes shows it’s ugly head with Wild fires out west, Drought in he west along with high heat in the100’s in Portland and we see hurricanes batter New Orleans & Texas, then leave a trail of destruction with flooding in the east coast. That’s climate change and the US is being hit hard in 2021. King Trump and the Cult club Republicans deigned climate change for years, now look what’s happening in America 2021!

By not supporting infrastructure for America, I bill than should have been passed 20 years ago we condemn ourselves to being a second rate nation. Its not like we don’t have the money or need the repairs, it just Republican politics. Money for Defense, but no money for rebuilding America. Yes it Trumpism at it’s finest!

At this point the Republicans in the house and the senate are united against Biden and his agenda. All the while the liberals, moderates and conservatives Democrats are fighting a battle for who has it best ideas for America. Its time to make a compromise and use the Filibuster to pass what bills are needed to help Americans with Voting Rights, Infrastructure, and a tax overhaul against the Rich & Corporations. I am old enough to have learned the Democrats will always fight and the Republicans will always unite to stop the Democrats from social change.

Let’s take a break from infrastructure and look at “RED COVID”, the vaccination rate of Democratic voters found that 86% were fully vaccinated, while Republicans voters were 60% vaccinated. The death rate of these Red States were 1.5 deaths per 100,000 compared to 0.3 deaths per 100,000 in blue states

According to a New York Times report on September 27, 2021. The lead republicans going against the science of health safety are Desantis of Florida and Abbot of Texas their states are leading the nation in infections and Covid deaths. Republicans see this as a political stand and say dame the torpedoes! What I mean is they say no masks and no vaccines it’s your right. I say why do Red State mandate vaccines for Hepatitis mumps, rubella, polio, influenza, HPV, MMR, PCV, rotavirus and chickenpox for kids to go to school but a virus like COVID-19 is not on the list…Because King Trump wants his white supremists followers to have their freedoms and the ability to die from Covid.

Long before King Trump the Republicans were against social welfare programs, it goes back to FDR, who championed social security, unemployment insurance, and socials security retirement benefits. Then came Medicare and Medicaid, for the masses by the Democrats. The Republican cult just don’t want to help the middle class, they want to help their fellow rich white colleagues, and their corporations, rather than “We The People”.  When will the red state Americans wake up and see the sham of the King Trump white racists want for America. Its not fair and free elections , its not fair taxation of all people, its not money for climate change. There is no Republican Party, just a cult of Autocracy to King Trump. The Republicans do not know how to legislate, they only know how to bring forth “THE BIG LIES” to the Lizard Brain American people.

Its time for America to wake up before it’s too late. Democrats must band together now because the republicans in red states are showing their true colors in passing bills to restrict voting right, Women’s right to choose abortion and anti mask & vaccines bills to provide freedoms while causing a health pandemic to rage out of control. Its pretty simple just look around and see what’s happening, our Democracy is at a crossroads and the Republicans want an Autocracy not a Democracy, because they do not have the voting majority The Republicans will steal the votes in 2022 & beyond with voter suppression laws. In Florida a person can to jail for giving someone on a voting line a drink of water. These are the times that try men’s souls. Yes right now today.  Just like in the early history of the American Revolution when Thomas Payne spoke those famous words. Today these words are just  as relevant as Democracy fights for its life in America. As Abraham Lincoln once said ”A country divided can stand on it’s own legs” we are in for an election turmoil because of Trump and the “BIG LIE”.