Trumpism & The Senate, Is Virtue In America Dead

I believe that Joe Biden can inspire the American people to regain one of the most important virtues King Trump destroyed: seriousness, our understanding that ideas, actions, and words matter. But his hold on the US Senate is amazing, these republican senators who personally witnessed the Capital Riot and destruction of capital property think its wrong to impeach King Trump after he has left office.

If king Trump is not impeached it leaves a precedent for future Presidents to break the law without consequences. Our founding fathers gave the executive branch massive powers, but put in checks and balances. If the republicans in the senate will not convict King Trump of his sedition any POTUS can do the same.

Right now Trumpism is ruling out over the rule of law. After watching King Trump at his rally providing the inspiration to take over the capital where the electoral vote was taking place its all too obvious the riots which were live on TV were a result of his speech.

The Founding Fathers were the most serious of men, and not merely because they were brave enough to risk the gallows. They had a sense that what they were doing was transcendentally important, that they needed to make their case, as Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence, with “a decent respect to the opinions of mankind.” They were not merely transacting business; they were instituting a new form of government while pledging to one another “our lives, our fortunes,” and perhaps most telling, “our sacred honor.”

Trump & The collapse of seriousness is the greatest loss we have sustained under King Trump and the US Senate. Trump is one of the least serious human beings ever to occupy a position of great power in America. What do I mean by seriousness? It is the burden of knowing that we own our decisions, that our actions have consequences. It is the sense of responsibility that helps us to act without being ordered to act, the instinct that tells us, even when we are alone, that we owe a duty to others and that our behavior affects them as much as it does ourselves. This lack of serious by Trump & most republicans in the senate is a telling statement. It says most republican senators are putting Trumpism ahead of the rule of law. To say it unconstitutional to impeach a POTUS after his crimes in office is offensive to us “WE THE PEOPLE” and that’s why the conviction of King Trump must be carried out with a majority vote..  

King Trump being a narcissist could not have any idea of virtue and his ability to lie at every instance (over 30,000) painted a virtual picture attuned to his white racist followers, who lived for his every morning tweets about America and the world. But now is the time of judgment, The American people are watching to see if we are a nation of laws or just a divided nation of white supremist who think they are above the law and the rest of us in America.

Trump still has power over the republican party and his will can cast a shadow on America if we let it happen. I think if the senate republicans wanted to move on they can convict King Trump in a second and move on. But alas the redneck right voters still think the Trump lies are true and he won the election. If that we so why storm the capital building? Because King Trump wanted it to happen.  And so say his followers on Jan 6th 2021. Convicting King Trump is the right thing to do if you believe in the rule of law. But some republican senators who support comes from the redneck right will put their person first and the good of the country second or third. These republicans are not patriots they are self-serving slugs who care more about their positions in the senate than America. For me it’s a sad day in American when so many republican senators put themselves ahead of America and American virtue.

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