Its no wonder the non-educated white folks of America love him…He speaks to them on their level because it’s his level. Wonder why Trumps never reads his briefings whether it’s a National Security brief or the latest polling information from his favorite News Channel: FOX -Trump Friendly News. He does not read!  Rex Tillerson said he was a moron when he did not read his brief on Putin during the President’s plane ride going to the Helsinki to meeting with Putin.  Is it because it was not the 140 characters, his limit of comprehension. He can barely read! That’s why he is always watching TV…He chooses not to read because he can barely read.

Lets look back on Trump’s youth. His father was such a tyrant that his brother Fred became an alcoholic and later killed himself. Donald was so backward he was sent to military school, which never divulged his high school educational scores. Why…they were that bad.  So were college and Wharton’s where he admitted he was board and did not attend much school yet he graduated with Dad’s money.

Yet after all the lack of education Trump still can not spell, read or comprehend complex thought…He says China is paying the tariffs, when we all know the American people are paying more on everything. Who are the buffoons… the 40% of red neck Americans who think King Trump is a great leader. He is just a good racist speaker who speaks to the white racists of America. You know the one’s without a college education, the ones who think the tax cut was great and like the fact the deficit climbed to 2 billion in one year. The one’s who think the immigrants at the border will take their job. The same rednecks that are not going to pick lettuce in 90 degree heat or work landscaping in the 90-degree heat.  We need manual labor to keep America going because these racist rednecks are not going to take those jobs.

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Now we come to “send them back… to Queens NY to Detroit Michigan ect.” Trump loves his crowds of white racists and knows how to gin them up. Hitler also knew how those tricks worked in Germany.  Because Germany under Hitler became a racist nation, killing 6 million Jews. Its time for all that appose this Trump to stand up and be counted as true Americans who will not tolerate this behavior from our President. Its time to unite as true Americans. Lets vote him out of office in 2020.  Then prosecute him for all his offenses and put him in jail.

America is a melting pot its what makes us strong and diverse. It makes us different, better and more humane. The time of whites being the majority of Americans is over and it already too late to stop this trend. Its almost too late for the Republican Party to realize its 40% is shrinking as well as its power base. I quote from Thomas Paine an American revolutionary author of Common Sense “These are the times that try men’s souls” So if you are a patriot galvanize your friends and Dump Trump!