President Trump came into office promising some fabulous ideas, including unspecified health-care plan to replace the Affordable Care Act. No plan existed; every plan Republicans came up with managed to reduce the number of insured. Trump promised never to cut entitlements; his fiscal 2020 budget proposal would have done just that if not for the democrats.

Trump said he’d bring back manufacturing. In fact, it slowed and now has slumped. (“Manufacturing has slowed amid global uncertainty,” NPR reported earlier this month. “That’s one of the reasons the Federal Reserve gave for cutting interest rates this week.”)

Trump said he’d get tough on drug companies. He hasn’t. He said his tax cut would be aimed at the middle-class, deliver $4,000 a year to the average American family and permanently boost business investment, pushing growth above 3 percent. Nope, Just a tax cut for the rich & Corporate America, nope and nope.

That tax cut greatly favored the rich and corporations and no $4000 raised materialized, business investment tapered off, growth is below 3 percent, and the deficit ballooned one Trillion dollars in 18 months. That’s a record he can be proud of and stand behind but he will blame the press.

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The conservative American Action Forum’s recent study found, “Altogether, the president’s tariffs could increase nationwide consumer costs by nearly $100 billion annually.” Moreover, other countries have not taken the tariffs lying down. “In addition to raising costs for American consumers, tariffs have also resulted in significant retaliation by other countries against U.S. exports.

Now even Fox news predicts a downward turn for Trump’s economy. King Trump is so mad that he accuses Fox as going against him for better ratings. That’s Trump doubling down as only he can do it. HE IS THE CRAZY ONE…THAT’S FOR SURE. TRUMP DECLARED” I AM THE CHOSEN ONE” ON AUGUST 22, 2019. IT’S TIME TO IMPEACH THE CRAZY ONE!

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