Trump Biggest Tax Dodger In America

Ever since Trump said he would show his tax return he has crawled back on that statement. So much so he is suing the Government to stop their attempt to legally seek his past six years of tax returns. Ever wonder why he doesn’t want the American people to see his returns. Its because he is a tax cheat, Michael Cohen his personal attorney said so in the congressional over site committee months ago. In the past Trump bragged about how he could fudge his returns so he could even get a large sum in the millions back from Uncle Sam.

Now the House Ways and Means, the JCT and the Senate Finance Committee are the three congressional committees that are supposed to be able to look at any tax return they want. Congress gave itself the power in 1924 as a check on the executive branch ― all the committees have to do is ask the IRS. Earlier this year, Neal asked for copies of six years’ worth of Trump’s personal and business returns, plus documents related to any audits for those years.

What consequences flowed from the Joint Committee on Taxation’s investigation into Nixon’s tax returns? One is that the IRS automatically audits the president every year. Neal said in his request that Democrats need to make sure the mandatory audit is effective in Trump’s case. The courts upheld against Nixon & will do the same to Trump in due time.

NY State is helping to secure his NY state tax returns since Trump and his businesses are still based in New York, the state had the unique ability to pass a law to help House Democrats in their pursuit of his tax returns. “Tax secrecy is paramount — the exception being for bona fide investigative and law enforcement purposes,” Cuomo, a Democrat, said in a statement when he signed the law.

Trump’s attorneys, though, argue the law is clearly aimed at him and “expose the President’s private tax information for political gain.” Assemblyman David Buchwald, D-White Plains, predicted the law would withstand the court challenge.

The time is running out on King Trump & his loyal henchmen. There is no one person in the Trump administration who will be loyal to the US Constitution. They are all totally loyal to king Trump and licking his dirty boots.

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