Markets are shaped by choices. Not just the choices of sellers and buyers, but the choices of political leaders too, who shape the rules that govern how markets operate. Markets only work if government “ KING TRUMP” sets the rules of the road, establishing property rights, providing consumer-safety protections, protecting workers, and much more. The critical question is who writes those rules and who benefits from them. Under the Trump administration, the answer is clear: the economic rules have been rewritten to enrich wealthy donors and politicians and to hurt working- and middle-class families. 

Look no further than Trump’s signature legislation: his 2017 tax bill. Congressional supporters of the legislation repeatedly admitted that the reason they pushed the bill was to satisfy their donors. It’s not hard to see why; the vast majority of the benefits of the legislation go to corporations and the wealthiest Americans. And while most working- and middle-class families saw a temporary tax cut, the permanent tax cuts for corporations are paid for by permanent tax increases on the middle-class.

But if middle-class families were getting any benefit from the tax bill, it’s likely been wiped out by the new costs that Trump is imposing on them through tariffs. Trump claims these tariffs are about helping workers. But to the extent there is any coherent strategy behind them, they are aimed at helping large corporations secure even larger profits, not at increasing workers’ wages.

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While Trump argues that the cost of tariffs is being borne by China, the real loser is the American consumer. All told, these Trump tariffs cost the average family $831 a year, more than offsetting the average tax cut for a household in the bottom 80%. And now Trump is saying he’ll impose even more costs on the American people as part of his erratic and ineffectual trade policy. KING TRUMP HAS NO TRADE POLICY. His con man maneuvers are all bluster & bravado with no substance. Yet with the coming recession he states” America his red base thinks he great.”

King Trump is going down fast, he is blaming the FAKE NEWS for the economy when every one with a brain knows its Trump’s stupid action without thought that’s bring our economy down…FAKE TAX CUT FOR THE RICH…TRADE WAR WITH CHINA…NO THOUGHT TARIFFS & NO LEGISTLATIVE AGENDA. They all belong to KING Trump & Moscow Mitch.

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