Today Is Get Real Day!

It’s time to look at what’s happening with the new congress, both the House & the Senate. The national divide is wider than ever and the Republicans in congress have and old fall back position which they used when Obama was in office. It’s say no to a President who is looking to pass laws for the people. I’m sorry, Obama looked to pass laws for all but the 2%ers of our country.  As of last week we saw no republican vote for the American cares act. Yet 70% of Americans think we should pass this bill into law.

I say it’s get real day, because I want you to review the past four years of Trump rule and what the republicans in congress wanted for the American people. Republicans are all about trickle down. Give the wealthiest 2% of Americans the biggest tax break in history and watch the deficit grow by 2 Trillion in one year.

The Republicans are all about lowing taxes on the rich, while screwing the middle class. So it’s no surprise they vote no to the Biden stimulus package.

  • It extends a $300 per week jobless aid supplement and programs making millions more people eligible for unemployment insurance until Sept. 6. The plan also makes an individual’s first $10,200 in jobless benefits tax-free.
  • The bill sends $1,400 direct payments to most Americans and their dependents. The checks start to phase out at $75,000 in income for individuals and are capped at people who make $80,000. The thresholds for joint filers are double those limits. The government will base eligibility on Americans’ most recent filed tax return.
  • It expands the child tax credit for one year. It will increase to $3,600 for children under 6 and to $3,000 for kids between 6 and 17.
  • The plan puts about $20 billion into Covid-19 vaccine manufacturing and distribution, along with roughly $50 billion into testing and contact tracing.
  • It adds $25 billion in rental and utility assistance and about $10 billion for mortgage aid.
  • The plan offers $350 billion in relief to state, local and tribal governments.
  • The proposal directs more than $120 billion to K-12 schools.
  • It increases the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefit by 15% through September.
  • The bill includes an expansion of subsidies and other provisions to help Americans afford health insurance.
  • It offers nearly $30 billion in aid to restaurants.
  • The legislation expands an employee retention tax credit designed to allow companies to keep workers on payroll.

The Republicans did not get money for corporation, Americans making over $400,000.00 per year, for guns, for pro lifers. So the Rich Republicans got nothing to hang their hat on. And now President Biden wants to level the playing field for the lower & middle class with a new tax plan.

I say today is get real day.  Because now Biden wants to:  

  • The top individual federal income tax rate would rise from 37% to the pre-Trump rate of 39.6%.
  • The corporate rate would rise from 21% to 28%; a 15% alternative minimum tax would apply to corporate book income of $100 million and higher.
  • Individuals earning $400,000 or more would pay additional payroll taxes.
  • The maximum Child and Dependent Tax Credit would rise from $3,000 to $8,000 ($16,000 for more than one dependent).
  • Tax relief would be offered for student debt forgiveness and the first-time homebuyers credit would be restored.
  • The estate tax exemption would drop by about 50%.

Get Real! There is no way the Republicans pass a bill without money for their people. If the Republicans could not support the Stimulus Package, which benefited most Americans then, GET REAL they will not support a tax plan to raise 2 Trillion (cost of the stimulus) to tax the 2%ers and the corporations.

GET REAL! If the Republicans support the interests of the 2%ers then what do the rest of their base expect from their representatives in congress?  This is a question I can fathom. Why would someone support a Congressperson or Senator who does not bring home the bacon to his or her people? I just don’t

The King Trump base of White Supremists or the idea of 70% of Republican Mayors and Governors want the Stimulus Package.

There seems to be a disconnect between “THE PEOPLE and their representatives in congress today. Even the moderates, like Mitt Romney was against the Stimulus Package. I ask you the readers of this blog write back to me about any ideas you might have to explain this disconnect. When the Trump appointed head of the Federal Reserve says the Stimulus Package is needed to help the economy and put our people back to work, why do the Republicans want to vote against a bill to help the middle & lower class Americans?

Today I say Get Real but I really have more questions than answers and would appreciate your insight into my questions. Please write back and I’ll publish your ideas and give you credit on this blog.

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