There Is No Republican Party, Only a Trump Cult Of Radical Trump Followers, Who Have No Brains

NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA - AUGUST 28: U.S. President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks at at Pro Star Aviation LLC at Londonderry in Manchester, New Hampshire, United States on August 28, 2020. (Photo by Kyle Mazza/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

The future of the Republican Party is no more. Without a platform but an allegiance to King Trump the standards of Reagan Republicanism is no more. The low-brained, racist, white supremacist base of Trumpers have been living in an alternate reality. One that King Trump manufactures every day in Tweeter with his rhetoric, his Lies, Lies, Lies about current events all to often to his base of Uneducated White people who are now not the majority of Americans. The majority of Americans are a grand mix of people in our country.

America was always a melting pot, from the colonists to present day America immigrants. We are a strong blend of races creed and colors which makes America great. The Term WE THE PEOPLE refers to all of us in the melting pot, Yet Trump’s base wants King Trump to be supreme leader and have white people above the mix of people we call the America melting pot.

Can you image any political party without a platform to state their goals for the future? King Trump’s desire to be a monarch is plain as day for thinking people. Yet it fools his non thinking racist base to give up their freedoms and ability to protest as he destroys our country. Why protest when you drink the Kool aid of King Trump.

The Trump record is plain to see. Our country has no allies, are country’s enemies like Russian N North Korea are having a field day in the world with no America Leader to stop them. The corona virus is killing many Americans (180,000) and Trump ignores the problem. “IT IS WHAT IT IS” Like its OK to not wear a mask. He dreams up stupid cures that would kill anyone. He says he knows more than the best science in America. Trump is a menace to America.

Our economy is the worst in decades. Unemployment is the worse than the great depression. And now he wants to open up our schools because he says children are immune to the corona virus. You can’t fix stupid. Yet King Trump has his moron followers who can’t see reality. The Republicans are so fixed on keeping there public service jobs that they will support King Trump as he ravages our great country. Look he has Bill Barr the AG of America as his personal attorney, one who will enable him to break the laws of the land and say it’s executive privileges.

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The Last Night of the RNC the Trump campaign released a list of 50 goals for a second Trump term, in 10 broad areas such as the economy and health care. There’s no detail on how Trump would accomplish any of the 50 bullet points, but the list gives Trump a starting point for outlining a vision for a second term. This is pure BS, everyone with a functioning brain knows King Trump has no plan because chaos is his only plan. If King Trump could read and write we would at least see a 5 bullet point outline of a plan, but alas

King Trump is not capable of writing sentences. The republicans are still singing hail to the King though the RNC spectacle.

Along with missed promises he has hurt Farmers & Fisherman: “Trump’s failed trade war with China upended Maine’s vital lobster industry and turned hardworking lobstermen and women into collateral damage,” Maine’s Top Democrat said. “He promised us better trade deals, but instead he instead got played by China, and Maine workers got the bill.” King Trump also upended Soybean farmers who will never be able to sell soybeans to China again. He spent recklessly on Farm Aid to corporate farms in the BILLIONS while the family farms are going into bankruptcy in record numbers another historic record for King Trump & his thoughtless plans for America.

I write this simple statement if you listen to any news other than Fox, you can see the reality of a America in danger of going down the rabbit hole. But for King Trump’s abundant lies to his redneck racist base of MAGA followers America is far worse than when he stared on Jan 21, 2017. His desire to rule America with a MAGA slogan fools his cult followers to buy into a Trump monarchy. Get Out The Vote let’s have a Blue landslide!!!

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