The Real Truth About King Trump

It’s time to dispel the Trump & Republican claims that they did anything god for our country. The fact that King Trump could not answer Hannity of Fox News several weeks ago regarding his plan for America in his second term speaks volumes to Americans. The only people who think King Trump was good for America these past 3 plus years are low brain white rednecks who fear immigrants are coming here to take their jobs.

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Let’s list his accomplishments:

Jobs- unemployed and jobless has increased to 3.2 million a historic record

Covid- The pandemic has ravaged our country 172,000 Americans have died

A historic record, even less Americans died in WW1. His job of controlling the deadly virus went uncheck as he said it would go away by itself.

Trade with China- Farmers is going out of business in historic numbers. Trump’s caused that and tried to save votes by using his office to give corporate farmers Billions in aid Tariffs are paid by Americans. Just like an 18% tax on Americans.

Healthcare- Trump & Republicans tried to kill Affordable Care Act with no written replacement bill. Republicans to this day have not written any bill to replace the Affordable Care Act. That would leave 20 million Americans without Health Insurance.

Education-Trying to stop funds for schools that believe Covid makes school opening impossible. King Trump believes children are immune to Covid.

Drain the Swamp- Trump’s administration has had more of his staff go to jail than any administration in American history. Not the best and brightest only people willing to kiss his ring with little to no experience for the job.

Lead our Nation- King Trump has lead this nation by increasing his bank account and increasing our national debt by historic proportions. His tax cut was a sham for middle America while letting the rich rape the system to historic proportions.

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