Bill Clinton was impeached for getting a blowjob in the Whitehouse. That was high crimes & misdemeanors. But King Trump & his blind republican followers have decided to give him a full pass with a FAKE TRIAL with no witnesses and no paper backup. I want to remind you that 72% of Americans wanted to hear from witnesses and see paper backup. These Americans also vote and we be heard in the November elections.

History For Our Country will determined by the Blue & Purple states of our country this election cycle. “For the times are a changin” and the Democrats with all theirs new voters and anger against King Trump will result in a landslide victory for the democrats on both houses and the presidency. Republicans have no party platform except to defend King Trump. It will be over all to soon, because King Trump thinks his RED STONE STATES will win it for him. I have some polling news the numbers and awareness of (THE PEOPLE) that is against him this time around is overwhelming. The most important segment the female suburban voters hate him with a passion. Yes King Trump’s followers who believe every work he tweets will help him will no more than 175 electoral votes

Here are Bob Dylan’s lyrics in 1964:

Come senators, congressmen, please heed the call
Don’t stand in the doorway, don’t block up the hall
For he that gets hurt will be he who has stalled
There’s a battle outside and it’s ragin’
It will soon shake your windows and rattle your walls
For the times they are a-changin’

Yes. King Trump with the help of the republicans in the senate have acquitted Trump of the two articles of impeachment, without witnesses or documents. What were these senators afraid of? The real truth. Our country is divided into Red & Blue states and King Trump totally controls the red states. The Blue states have moderates, liberals and progressives and debate the best issues for America. King Trump & the republicans stand behind the NRA regardless of how many innocent people are gunned down by assault weapons. School children are gun down the past three years under Trump with help from his friends at the NRA. WHO WILL PAY FOR THESE DEATHS?  The voters will decide.

The deficit has balloon by $1 Trillion this year alone because of King Trump’s new tax law favoring the rich & corporate America. The rest of America has to suck it up and pay for the deficit. King Trump’s new budget has NO CHANCE of passing through the house. This will enrage him to no end. The times are a changin…The new President will enact a wealth tax & a new tax code taht is in the interest of the American people. This may kill the stock market from a 35% return & bring back the 7 to 10 percent reurns of the past. America as a whole will be better off when more than 10% of the populist can bennefit from the economy.

Never before has our democracy been tarnished by a despot like King Trump. The senate republicans have given their constitutional power to King Trump for a pocket full of coins. Let the legacy of this congress be a footnote in our Great nations history. As the senate voted on Impeachment weeks ago, let it be a shining example of all but one republican senator who sold out our constitution to defend a president who wants to be King of America, who is above the law with no restraints.

These senators who represent their people of their states have taken the slippery slope of not listening to the people’s desires for a fair trial and witnesses.  But are greedy enough to still wanting their vote in the 2020 elections. I think the times are a changin and we will see the Democrats wipe this slate of 2020 republicans in a blue tidal wave. The pendulum is going to swing to the blue and will get the majority overall and the red will have to see the absence of Moscow Mitch of Kentucky, Collins-Maine, Ernst – Iowa, Gardiner – Colorado, Loeffer – Georgia, McSally – Arizona, Perdue – Georgia and Tillis – North Carolina. Thats 7 republican seats that can & will go Democratic because they are states where the populist has gone against the incumbent because they no longer listen to “The People”

MAGA will come true when King Trump is defeated in 2020.  Then King Trump can take credit for not keep his promises on many levels. King Trump hurt our farmers, hurt our car laborers, hurt the working poor regarding health insurance and now he want come after our seniors with reduced Medicare and social security. King Trump’s wall, which was a national security measure, has fallen down yet he seeks more money from our armed forces.

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King Trump has tarnished our national pride and standing in the world. America is not Great Again but much worse for most of the people. The only people benefiting from King Trump are Heads of Corporations and rich people who own stocks. His special tax break for the rich & corporate America has fueled the stock exchange on the backs of Americans to the tune of 1 Trillion dollars in 2019. It will take years of prudent cost cutting by the Democratic congress & the new president to control our deficit.  Subjects like spending controls once near & dear to the Republican Party have all but disappeared. Once again we will see the will of the people and the healing begins on Jan 20 2021

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