The Mueller Report Revisited

After reading the condensed version of the Mueller report this week, then reading to the storm of tweets from Trump it just made me mad and sad at the same time. This man is totally unstable. I say “ Save America Dump Trump. I’m not in favor of impeachment; its too long and the spineless Republican Senate will not convict this President who committed obstruction of justice 10 times. He is a vindictive SOB.

This is a man who could not affirm the Russian interfered with our 2016 election after his advisers told him so and after the Mueller Report stated as such to the American public. It’s as plain as the Pinocchio nose on his face.

It seems to me that the perpetual lies Trump tweets every day makes us numb to the truth. The American public has to endure lies and Trump hides the real truth. This is most evident in his latest tweets about the Mueller Report. The behavior of this President is so alarming childish that one wonders if his stain on America’s democracy can ever wash this stain away. Ten times Mr. Trump obstructed justice, not one but 10 times he asked others to do his dirty work.  Yet he says he did nothing wrong.

With all this information from Mueller the Republicans in the senate who are spineless will not see Trump’s wrong doings and the destruction of the old established Republican Party.  When will these Republican senators see the demographics of this great country is changing to the left.  Yes the side that represents the people of Color, Hispanic, Asian, and other young white educated people of America. The RED States are losing voters and this will reshape America forever.

I predict a democratic landslide with a rainbow colored coalition that will have more voters to the polls in 2020 and show the country is now purple. The Democrats will rule because Trumps ways of Bigotry, White Supremacy, Sexist ways will not represent this country in the future. The Republicans of the past had a platform, spend less tax less and less government is all but gone. it was replaced with Trump’s white supremacy, that favor a tax break for the rich ” Biggest in the History of America”.

Now the Republican party of 2019 is old white rich people. It’s sad. All years of a solid platform of less government & less spending is gone. It has been wiped clean by Trump in favor “ Nationalism that funny word for white supremacy and a lie about immigration and a medieval border wall for his political purposes. These asylum seeking families from countries that want to kill women & children…Yes Trump wants to put these people in cages like dogs,,,That’s the Trump way along with the likes of Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham also want to treat humans like dogs….All I have to say is a quote from a Bob Dylan song “ The times they are a-changin” and there is nothing Trump or the spineless republicans can do about it.

Lastly the Mueller report is a blue print for congress to do their constitutional duty and uncover the facts and lay a congressional investigation into all Trump’s dirty works.

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