The Jokers in Trump’s Hand

Well it could have been the Ukraine three amigos as Mulvaney put it but I think the four jokers have broken the law in the Ukraine with Looney Rudy heading up this task force. In other words, Mulvaney removed career specialists who the White House believed wouldn’t go along with a plan to lean on Ukraine’s leaders in an attempt to get them to launch investigations that might help Trump in the 2020 election, according to this account of Kent’s testimony.

Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney organized the May 23 meeting at which the personnel moves were decided, according to Connolly’s description. 

That conference yielded the crew described as the new “three amigos” assigned the Ukraine portfolio: Gordon Sondland, ambassador to the European Union; Kurt Volker, then an envoy to Ukraine for its peace negotiations; and Energy Secretary Rick Perry.

After a really tough press briefing Mick Mulvaney admitted there was a quid pro quo with regard to Trump’s desires to produce dirt on the Biden’s and the fake news Hillary server. Trump wanted Magic Mick to put together a team of non diplomats along with Looney Rudy to do his dirty work…Mine you this was not US Foreign Policy…it was a Nixon like attempt to control a political election in 2020….Trump’s. 

Now that the news media has done it’s job. “We The People” can see the plain truth out in the open that King Trump has interfered with Foreign Affairs for his own personal gain. The professional diplomats have testified in from of a closed session with enough leaks to paint the picture of King Trump’s wrong doings. It now time the house of representatives start writing articles of impeachment. The evidence is clear and concise pointing directly at Trump and Mulvaney. More new testimony could implicate Perry, Looney Rudy and several others, they could all find themselves charged with crimes. The WILD Card here is Deputy Dawg Barr, were will he be in this process?? That is the preverbal 64 thousand dollar question.  If justice will prevail Trump goes to Jail !

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During all this the White House has the gall to call this an illegal impeachment. Well folks, the Constitution gives the House broad discretion about conducting impeachment, putting the speaker and her lieutenants in charge of when it’s taking place and what rules will govern the process. The white house & the Republicans have “NO” say as to the rules of an impeachment inquiry or how to draw up articles of impeachment. This will be a long and painful ride King Trump will have to endure. If you think he is unhinged now wait till Thanks Giving he will be eating Turkey in many ways by then.

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