The Grim Reaper Has American Death Numbers Of Over 260,000

King Trump final sprint to shore up states he won four years ago led him Tuesday into the epicenter of America’s quickening viral surge in Wisconsin, as the state’s record single day spikes in Covid-19 cases and deaths in America. This fact crystallizes his administration’s failures that could end his political career.

A week from the night when America could learn the identity of its next President — depending on prolonged mail-in voting counts and possible legal challenges — Trump greeted a crowd, packed together, with few masks worn. He did so as Badger State hospitals are critically understaffed and facing the threat of being overwhelmed by Covid-19 patients. But on a chill fall night, the President wove an alternative reality he bets will win him reelection.

King Trump’s lizard brain followers believe the Covid-19 crisis is a hoax. King Trump’s favorite word, which he uses to craft an alternate reality. The Fact is the Covid-19 spread is growing as he rallies around the country.

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