The Fear of Trump’s America, White Men Rule!

America today has seen King Trump take powers because the Republicans in the senate don’t do their jobs. King Trump continues to force his will on the American Public with pardons for white republicans that were in jail for crimes they committed against the American people.

I am fearful for America that there is a possibility that King Trump will steal the 2020 election. Donald Trump and his republican allies in the US senate have squashed the rule of law. When a President breaks the checks and balances our fore fathers built into the constitution it will lessen our government and it’s ability to stop a President becoming a King in office.

The threat of a coronavirus pandemic has not slowed down President Donald Trump’s habit of lying to and misleading Americans on any number of topics including that coronavirus threat on many occasions. At a time when many Americans are turning toward the White House for accurate information about the virus, Trump has responded to the new responsibility in a familiar manner: praising himself, promising easy success and, when needed, blaming others.

When you’ve lost your credibility, you also lose the benefit of the doubt, said David Jolly, a former Republican congressman. “Half the nation simply doesn’t believe the president. The other may only be convinced he’s lying if they suffer personal disruption or financial losses.” Ned Price, a former CIA analyst and National Security Council spokesman in President Barack Obama’s White House, said Americans need to ignore Trump, for their own health and safety.

“Tune out the president and listen to the public health experts,”

Justice & the truth will not return to America till King Trump is out of office, Then we will see the southern district of NY along with NY state file charges against the ex king for Bank fraud, insurance fraud and tax evasion. Everyday King Trump is in office he lines his pockets with money from the American people. Only time will tell how much of a prison sentence Trump will receive for his crimes. Until he is out of office will justice have its say. And that say is be “no one is above the law”.

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The stain of injustice the republicans in the senate have produced by turning their heads and conscious away will show up in the next election. King Trump has produced a stench in the swamp that only money produces. The red right is seeing their numbers reduce everyday. The power of the Republican Party is evaporating in front of Moscow Mitch & Lindsey Grahams own eyes. Both of these trumpites will not see another term in the US senate. The American people wanted witnesses and documents for the fake impeachment trial in the senate, to the tune of 72% of American people. These people will not forget their senators were not listening to their desires and will vote for new senators who will listen to the needs and wants of their state.

King Trump pardoned racists white people for various crimes because they threw money at him. Does that mean if you are white & rich you’re above the law? Yes in Trump’s America it means just that. The biggest joke in America is Bill Barr ”Deputy Dawg Barr” Barr as AG has given King Trump a stooge in the justice department. We Americans now have the least protection under the law in decades. One could say it’s a banana republic style justice department. Everyday King Trump exercises his new found powers the American people suffer from a lawless president who thinks he is a KING.

The elections are just months away and the corona virus is going to kill the economy here and abroad, The stock market will lose 20% or more of its value leaving King Trump nothing to crow about. Let’s vote him and his cronies in the senate out of office and bring honest change to government and help the American people while taxing the 1% that King Trump favors with his tax laws.

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