Texas Was Wrong In 1971 And Again In 2021

Yes believe it or not: In 1971, Norma McCorvey (known in court documents as “Jane Roe”) filed a lawsuit against the attorney general of Texas, Henry Wade. McCorvey argued a Texas law banning abortion, which had been enforced against her, was unconstitutional. The Texas law only allowed abortions if it is necessary to save the woman’s life. Yes in the state of Texas

The Supreme Court declared the right to an abortion is a fundamental liberty that the state must have a very strong interest to limit. Our Roe v. Wade infographic describes how the court balanced the liberty/abortion interest of the woman with the state’s interest in prenatal life on Jan 22, 1973.

The Court ruled that the woman’s liberty right (right to control whether or not she is pregnant) is stronger than the state’s interest in the fetus’ life up until a certain point in the pregnancy. Now 2021 Texas is at it again trying to control women’s rights.

Now in 2021 our country is in the current state of hyperbolism with regards to elections, voting rights and rules for voting mostly in Red States. Hyperbolism with the regards to the Jan 6th riot and insurrection at the Capital building. Hyperbolism with regards to religious groups who oppose abortion and hyperbolism with regards to white supremacy in America and Texas. At this time in history of America Is fighting for its civil liberties and the fragile state of our democracy. Yet the ex President and Most Republicans continue the “Big Lie” to feed the loyal Trumpers Lies, snake oil and the Fox News channel sells that snake oil every night to its loyal Trump cult followers.

I’m a male writer whose knowledge of Roe VS Wade is limited and I did not know it was in the state of Texas that brought suit to the Supreme Court. The new census has shown the white race population is declining while the black, brown, Asian, Hispanic race population are increasing and that voting population was slowly going towards the Democratic Party. This means the majority the whites once held is evaporating each and everyday. The only way the State of Texas and other Red States with its white Supremacists could keep control of its State legislatures is to cheat and create laws to reduce non-white voting.

It has taken a white supremist President “King Trump” to support racism and keep the white race in power with tax relief for the top 2% of America who reward the republican party with donations to support voter suppression and now strike down Roe VS Wade. Remember Trump’s MAGA means Make America Great Again for White People. Today is a sad day in America. But tomorrow the majority of Americans will prevail to save Democracy.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Yes American Rights for Men and Women!