Most Senate Republicans Are Only Interested in Staying in Power & Trashing the Constitution.

While they were struck by the impeachment managers’ presentation, these Republicans said that the House Democrats did not prove Trump’s words led to the violent actions. They compared the January 6 riot to last summer’s racial justice protests and criticized how the trial is being handled.

But even after witnessing the deadly violence firsthand, and being reminded of it again at the scene of the crime, many Republican Senators appeared no closer on Wednesday to convicting former President Donald Trump on the charge of “incitement of insurrection.”

These Republican Senators most of which are lawyers seem to have lost their ability to focus on the facts that were presented on the Capital’s Senate chambers Feb 10-11th 2021. The fact is the impeachment of King Trump was while he was in office. The constitution does not say his trial has to be under taken while in office. That’s one excuse going down the drain. The impeachment managers’ presentation included a time line from November 7th thru Jan 6th 2021 showing the action of King Trump in regards to dog whistling his followers that this election was stolen and he created the slogan “Stop The Steal”.

The impeachment managers’ presentation also showed how he can stir up a crown in his December rally along with his political staff organizing the Jan 6th rally in which King Trump stated “ Fight Like Hell to Stop the Count”. These Republican Senators who will not use logic and reason to come to a conclusion of guilty with regards to King Trump’s seditionist behavior are hiding from History. These useless Trumpeters are going to be the cause of the breakup of the Republican Party in 2021. Not all the Republican Senators will vote “NO” to convict by the slimy ones like Lindsey Graham shall go down in history as a defender of Trumpism and not our democracy.

Now most Republican Senators say this trial is a waste of time. These Republican Senators want a free pass to King Trump’s behavior because he controls the political purse strings of their future. These Republican Senators are more afraid of King Trump’s ability to put up primary candidates against them, then to do their duty of office and up hold the constitutional obligation of listening to evidence in an impeachment trial. These Republican Senators are nothing more than racist, white supremist themselves who don’t have the backbone to up hold their constitutional oaths. 

To me the only policy I want upheld is “ No One IS Above The Law ” Not even the President of the United States. Now we will see if the Senate Republicans let a sitting President who causes a riot with his sedition be allowed to be above the law. We The People want justice and only the US Senate can accomplish this by a verdict of guilty against King Trump.

But alas that’s not going to happen, there’s not 17 republicans in the senate that actually listened to the impeachment managers’ presentation. No they were too busy sleeping or making doodles on their note pads, because King Trump already paid for their vote. It discussed me to think people like Lindsey Graham, Josh Hawley, Joe Kennedy, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, Marsha Blackburn, Mike Braun, Cynthia Lummis, Roger Marshall, Bill Hagerty, Tommy Tuberville all decided the Trial of King Trump was unconstitutional and therefore they will vote to acquit before the presentation. The Senate voted three days ago on the constitutional basis for impeachment and it passed the vote with 6 republicans. Yes it is constitutional, what that means is there are no impediments to voting for a guilty verdict. But you and I know more than 33 Republicans will vote for an acquittal because they hold party above democracy and their oaths of office and the constitution.

As I wrote many times before, the white race is losing it’s majority in America. These white supremists are doing everything they can to hold on to this power including supporting a seditionist ex President and putting a stain on our democracy and the Senate it self. Jan 6th will not be forgotten the mob mentality of the republicans will cause a split in the party of Trumpers and traditional conservative republicans who actually have a platform to stand on. Today we can only watch in horror as the racist White Senators of the republican party give King Trump a free pass. What has happened to out country?

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