Most Republican Senators Represent Themselves & Are Really Anti – American

Why do I say most Republican Senators are Anti-America? Because most Republican Senators do not represent the people of their own state. They do not want to govern. They do not want affordable healthcare. They do not want to invest in America with infrastructure legislation. They want to promote themselves for six more years of raising money for themselves through Super Pacs. Peter Suderman wrote recently for the New York Times, the GOP “no longer has a cognizable theory of government.” They claim to be economic populists but oppose raising any taxes on the rich and corporations, decry union organizing and attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act. “Freedom” used to be a central theme, but they are on a crusade to criminalize abortion and compel unwilling women to endure nine months of pregnancy — even in cases of rape or incest. They are also in favor of ordering teachers not to teach unfavorable and racist facts about America.

Once upon a time, Republicans claimed to be for “law and order” and friends of the police; then came the King Trump and the Jan. 6 insurrection. Republicans used to present themselves as free market advocates; then they decided free trade and robust legal immigration were objectionable. And while Republicans used to consider corporations people with First Amendment rights (with the right to make campaign donations), now, they are willing to punish corporations that do not adhere to their agenda.

One might wonder from time to time why Republicans even bother running for election. Because they have so little interest in governing (other than in protecting tax cuts for the rich, shielding the gun lobby from reasonable regulation and dictating women’s reproductive choices), they might as well take on the role of social media trolls and right-wing media guests while promoting themselves.

In truth, a great many Republicans simply like to be “important people” with the perks of holding office. It seems the notion of finding other work causes them to break out in a cold sweat, so they adopt insane MAGA positions so as not to offend the mob they helped rile up. Certainly, there are true believers who believe Trumpian rubbish and take right-wing TV hosts’ conspiracies as gospel, but they are a distinct minority. These Senators use Maga as a promotion for themselves to raise money to stay in office. These Senators are looking to stay in power and collect free money from political fundraisers.

Of the 15 poorest states, all but two (Maine and New Mexico) are also deep red. Among the 30 Senate seats from those states, Republicans hold 27. By these or just about any other measures, Republican states are failing to meet the basic needs of their residents. Among unvaccinated Americans, infection rates are climbing to record levels. More will get sick in those places, and some will die. Yet Republicans are unwilling or incapable of meeting the challenge of Covid-19 and the delta variant.

Not many of these Senators are promoting vaccines, instead they promote peoples right of choice over the health of the nation. That’s why I say they are Anti-America. If you want to look you will find more of these self serving Anti-America Senators as well as many Republican controlled Red State Governors who pass voter suppression laws to stay in power by making it harder for Black, Brown and Asian people to vote. Hell in Florida it’s felony to give a person a bottle of water that is line to vote. Where are these republican’s Christian Charity????

This sorry sight is unsurprising given that Republican Senators have all but given up on the notion of governance. At the national level, they consume themselves with race-baiting (e.g., scaring Americans about immigration and critical race theory), assailing private companies (e.g., corporations that defend voting rights, social media platforms, book publishers) and perpetrating the most ludicrous and dangerous lie in memory — that the 2020 election was stolen. The Big Lie.

Time and again, we hear from a small collection of Republican Senate dissenters that most of their colleagues do not really believe the MAGA party lies; what they believe in is the necessity for their own reelection. Democrats should be more blunt in castigating Republicans who are not even trying to serve their own constituents. They should say it often and simply: Republicans have little notion to help anyone but the very rich. When will their constituents wake up and realize only Democrats with social programs help America maybe the Senate majority will change for the better.

Here are the facts about some of the Anti American Senators:

When Texas was in trouble with a power outage Ted Cruz chose to leave Texas and go to Cancun. He has done nothing for his state. Cruz was the chair of the Senate subcommittee on Space, Science, and Competitiveness, which Cruz, for some reason, said it’s a waste-of-a-Senate-hearing called “Data or Dogma,” which was supposed to reveal — finally! — If climate change is a human-made phenomenon that could very well destroy the planet or a big liberal joke. (SPOILER ALERT: It’s the first thing.) Cruz’s scientific experts, naturally, were noted climate deniers and tools of the fossil fuel industry. What a Trumper.

Marsha Black burn chose to pose for pictures with the KKK before running for the Senate in Tennessee, yet she was still elected. When Blackburn invited Jones to Congress, Jones was in the middle of a long tenure heading the Tennessee chapter of the League of the South — an explicitly secessionist group that has been designated a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center since 2000 because of leader Michael Hill’s racist comments as well as its ties to co-founder Jack Kershaw, best known for serving as the lawyer for Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassin and erecting a statue outside Nashville of the Ku Klux Klan founder, Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest. What a Trumper.

Josh Hawley as a U.S. senator, Hawley had led the charge to object to the 2020 election on the false premise that some states failed to follow the law, bolstering the baseless claims from President Donald Trump that the election was stolen and should be overturned.  Hawley had said the ascent of Joe Biden to the presidency depends” on what would happen on Jan. 6, the day of a pro forma congressional vote to affirm the election. He had been photographed that day pumping his fist in the air as some Trump supporters were gathering on the grounds outside the U.S. Capitol. What a Trumper.

Senator Lindsey Graham is against the panel to investigate the Jan 6th riots “ It’s in the past. Lets go forwards not backwards” Well he also said Trump was the worst person he knew to run for the President of the United States” The least qualified person for the office”. Graham & other GOP lawmakers came out against Manchin’s voting proposals, and Graham reiterated his disapproval during an interview on Fox News Sunday. “Can you go along with the Manchin stripped-down voting version? And if not, why not?” Wallace asked Graham.

Graham responded by asserting that he likes Manchin but questioned the need for the federal voting rights legislation. “States are in charge of voting in America, so I don’t like the idea of taking the power away from state legislatures,” he said on Fox News Sunday. What a Trumper.

Ron Johnson also wants nothing to do with an open panel to review the riot on Capital hill. He stated” It was a peaceful demonstration” Johnson has consistently tried to downplay the riot. In February, he said it wasn’t “an armed insurrection,” even though there has been plenty of evidence of weapons at the Capitol that day ― in addition to the violence rioters inflicted on police officers. In March, he said that he “never felt threatened” that day and that the pro-Trump mob that pushed past Capitol police officers were individuals who “truly respect law enforcement” and “loved this country.” I was not worried about the people coming onto the capital building; they had love in their hearts. Yeah love with Lynch Pence Now! What a Trumper.

Senator John Kennedy is so dumb he believes that King Trump’s behavior was right on with regards to his speech before the Jan 6th riots. Here is a quote” My mind doesn’t work, My memories don’t work like a computer file where I can just retrieve them”. I try to fill the memories in. But I can’t tell you it’s always the truth. Yes that’s a US senator speaking. What a Trumper.

The GOP continues to rely on scaring and enraging their base both to distract from their lack of interest in governing and to goad supporters to turn out to defeat Democrats. And now, they want to make it harder for critics to vote them out of office. What a racket.  This is a stain on Democracy that America has not seen Since the 60”s and Governor George Wallace of Alabama and his ultra-segregationist platform. The south lost the civil war but their hate of non-whites has never gone away and the Trump base of White Supremists is evidence of that fact. Now 18 red states have enacted new Jim Crow 2.0 voting laws. All these Senators are racist Trumpers who care more about filling their pockets with money and being on the Senate pay role with platinum healthcare & platinum retirement benefits than America and it’s people they represent.


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