Moscow Mitch Has A Big Fall

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) is angered by his new nickname, Moscow Mitch. On July 29, he strode to the Senate floor to defend his decision to block an election security bill and lashed out at critics who suggested he was helping Russia—complaining that they had engaged in “modern-day McCarthyism” to “smear” his record. McConnell stated in a nearly 30-minute speech, the Republican ringleader Mad Moscow Mitch a man who controls the us senate has blocked every bill passed by the Democratic House during this 2019 session.

McConnell was responding primarily to an opinion column by The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank, published July 26 under the headline, “Mitch McConnell is a Russian asset.” It’s all too plain to see he does not want the 2020 election to be safe from Russian influence.

Last week, former Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified to Congress about Russian interference in the 2016 election and about whether President Trump had tried to obstruct the inquiry. Casting Russian sabotage as a serious threat to the United States, Mueller warned that interference efforts were happening “as we sit” in the hearing rooms. Hours after Mueller’s testimony, Democrats tried to get the Senate to vote on bipartisan election security legislation.

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Republicans objected. The next day, Democrats tried to get a vote on a bill that would have authorized hundreds of millions of dollars to update badly needed voting equipment. McConnell objected, because he is taking money from two of the three voting machine equipment makers and the third maker under contract has a smart solution to make these machines safe with a paper back up. The other two voting machine companies whom he has taken money do not have a solution to sell.

The Russian thing is not something that can easily be proven, but the fact that it bothers Mad Mitch McConnell along with a broken shoulder is pain he needs to endure. He has put the American people in pain for years by stopping legislation that would benefit the American people with no apparent backlash till now. Its time he wear the moniker Moscow Mitch and put his name on a gravestone of American politics.

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