Mad Moscow Mitch Is A Greedy Senator

Just last week Mad Moscow Mitch the Money Grubbing Senator from Kentucky refuse to help coal miners with black lung. Then in the same week refused to release a bill to secure our 2020 election with not allowing a bill to fund a backup paper ballot. It is pure insanity not to protect the 2020  election. Then Mad Moscow Mitch who is trying to curry King Trump’s favors in his re-election bid has sold his soul to two masters so as too become very rich from his Corporate sponsors and Moscow.  His phony rages proves he no dame good.

Mad Moscow Mitch has been called the graveyard Senator  because all he does is stop the house bills from going to the Senate floor in doing so he is hampering the American people from the benefit of useful legislation agendas. At the same time he is collecting money from corporations who make voting machines and every corporation who wants to buy a senator. Mad Moscow Mitch will retire a multi millionaire. But will have not helped his state or the American people. He is smug and arrogant.

I predict a landslide victory in 2020 because King Trump has insulted all Americans except his redneck 40%. What the American people want is Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity and Truth in our government, especially in the office of the President.

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King Trumps 40% is made up of 2% ultra rich & 38% non educated white Americans. We the people are the majority and want a tax plan that is fair. One that taxes people who make over 10 million a year at 70% and taxes the rest of us in a fair way. King Trump’s only legislative agenda was helping the rich with a tax overhaul which was written by a corporate head of Goldman Sachs the wall street bank and passed by a republican congress. Does this republicans congressional behavior show the true intent of what Trump Republicans stand for today. Yes it does that’s why the Blue wave took the house in 2018 and will be why the blue wave will continue in the 2020 elections. “Power to the People”

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