Lying Trump Takes Military’s Money

President Donald Trump may have put on his Sharpie spectacle this week to distract us from a much bigger outrage. The Trump administration is taking $3.6 billion from approved military construction projects to pay for part of the wall. Yes, that wall — the one Trump said Mexico would pay for.

Trumps campaign promise…”I would build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me, and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great wall on our southern border and I’ll have Mexico pay for that wall.”

The wall is a fantasy conjured by Trump to get elected. While Trump has imbued the wall with near-mythical powers, many experts say it will do little to stop the current flow of migrants from Central America, who typically turn themselves over to authorities to seek asylum, rather than trying to sneak in undetected. In the horror story Trump told voters in 2016, Trump stated “America was being invaded by rapists, drug dealers and other criminals who “threatened” the country.”

That was just another lie King Trump threw out to the American people. Trump barely mentions Mexico anymore. Now, it turns out, he wants to pay for a portion of the wall by taking money legally appropriated by Congress, which has the power of the purse under the Constitution and using it for what is essentially a self-serving political project.

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In fact, the administration has mostly done maintenance on existing barriers, replacing about 60 miles of old barriers with new fencing. According to Politifact, there were 654 miles of barriers along the 2,000-mile border when Trump took office, and that number has not increased. With the 2020 election just 14 months away, Trump urgently needs to show progress — even if it means sidestepping the Constitution and scrapping projects that had been deemed necessary — to please his base and win reelection.

It’s no wonder there are multiple lawsuits challenging Trump’s authority to derail and reroute congressionally mandated spending by declaring a national emergency. Trump is the national emergency!

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