Lock Him Up…Trump

Democratic Reps. Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff released a press statement expressing their concern about how the department of Justice had “lost its independence and become a vehicle for President Trump’s political revenge.”

But the news should not come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. The investigation is just a small taste of the kind of campaign the nation will experience in the run up to the 2020 election. The combination of Trumpian politics — character assassination, smears, conspiracy theories, and badmouth attacks on opponents — combined with his use of presidential power will be unlike anything we have seen before. This will be a whole new kind of ugly.

While some political experts seem to be making horse race prediction based on the assumption that this election will be business as usual, we should expect a campaign that is far nastier than the norm. We should expect all the remaining guardrails to fall away. Assuming President Trump survives the impeachment process, he will undoubtedly unleash a fierce assault on whomever his opponent ends up being. To overcome his weak standing in the polls, the President will try to tear everyone and everything else down so that he is the only one left standing. 

What might the campaign look like? Official investigations into anything tied to the Democratic Party that Trump can find a way to publicly justify will certainly be a key part of the strategy. As the new DOJ criminal investigation reveals, the president is not above using the formal apparatus of government to conduct probes that aim to delegitimize his opponents.

In the past, we have a seen a few other examples when presidents were willing to take this route, such as President Richard Nixon’s infamous use of the IRS to dig up dirt on his enemies. But based on his record of total disrespect for norms and institutions, we can expect that Trump will be willing to go much further than any predecessor. The Democratic nominee should assume that the executive branch would be used against him or her. By King Trump’s past plan of attack I see he will not use an army of advisors to help his reelection but use his tried and true methods from the past and present. He will have rallies in Red Areas of the country and stir up his base with bogus “Keep America Great” BS and his base will eat it up.

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Since the 2016 campaign, the President has expended an enormous effort to try to tear down the public image of his opponents. It started with Trump mocking his Republican primary rivals with cruel nicknames and spreading theories of criminal behavior to discredit Hillary Clinton. Anyone who stood between Trump and the Oval Office was fair game. When President Trump does more of the same in his 2020 campaign, however, he will have many more tools at his disposal.

The 2020 election is going to be tough terrain, both for the Democratic nominee and for US democracy more broadly. The impeachment investigation has already exposed just how far the president is prepared to go in pursuit of victory. He has shown he is willing to do almost anything to achieve his goals. That means that he will draw on every power that is available to him to crush his opponents, devastate the Democratic Party, and improve his odds of securing a second term.

I think Trump’s own actions and deeds will sink his re-election. He will lose all Blue states by an even larger margin. The new purple states like Texas and Arizona will go Blue with the Hispanic vote going 90% democratic, which will also bring about some New democratic senators from those states as well.  The swing states like Maine, Colorado, Alaska, Carolinas Alabama could all go blue. Why you ask? When all the evidence comes out regarding the impeachment finding before it goes to the senate the American people who have a brain will see what a lying, cheating demigod King Trump was and still is to this day. King Trump under the pressure of evidence that show is has done high crimes and bribery

Will not resign, because he thinks the Demented Moscow Mitch and Slimy Lindsey Graham will  get the senate to acquit him. I think not. The afore mentioned states with close senate races will finally Dump Trump. They have no choice because the blue numbers are against him. There are 10 Senates seats in 2020 too close to call, but if it goes down badly for King Trump these once loyal republicans will have no choice to distance themselves from the stink of Trump.

I again want to leave you with a line from Bob Dylan: Come senators, congressmen Please heed the call Don’t stand in the doorway
Don’t block up the hall For he that gets hurt Will be he who has stalled
The battle outside ragin’ Will soon shake your windows And rattle your walls For the times they are a-changin’

Yes the times are a changing…Trump will have damaged the republican party so, that you may see a democratic majority for a long, long time.

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