Little Trump ”DeSantis” Wants to be King In Florida

Gov. DeSantis and Republican lawmakers are taking a victory lap around Florida touting their success in pushing through their agenda during the 2021 legislative session. What they consider priorities — adding barriers to mail-in voting, citizen ballot initiatives and protesting — are not only bad for Floridians, but they could be deemed unconstitutional if the several groups suing the state win in court. What has the Florida GOP done for the people…NOTHING!

Florida taxpayers will foot the bill for defending these new laws against the legal challenges. But Republicans are emboldened after securing a majority in the Florida congressional halls. The new voting law, the protest law, and campaign contribution laws and the New on-line tax law will see lawsuits very soon.

Florida has been a red states for more than twenty years, but as more northeasters’ move to Southern Florida the dominance of population superiority

Is changing more everyday. Florida has lost out on federal money for years. The connection to DC has left many without medical coverage. But just like the GOP in DC these Floridians only help the rich.  

Lawsuits can go on for years and cost millions of dollars. From 2011 to 2017, the state spent $19 million to cover expenses and fees for lawyers who sued the state, and many of those lawsuits challenged polices enacted by the Legislature. That included $1.1 million then-Gov. Rick Scott agreed to pay in 2017 to settle a lawsuit challenging an NRA-backed law that restricted doctors’ ability to talk to patients about guns. A federal appeals court ruled it violated the First Amendment’s right to free speech.

Florida has a history of passing laws that are bound for a legal challenge. The 2021 legislative session was no exception, but the laws passed this year aren’t just bad — they are a direct assault on the Floridians who put lawmakers and the governor in office.

Amending the state Constitution already is difficult and expensive, thanks to barriers lawmakers have erected over the years. SB 1890 was a clear jab at Orlando trial attorney John Morgan, who — to Republicans’ dismay — bankrolled two successful referendums, one to legalize medical marijuana in 2016 and another to raise the minimum wage in 2020.

Un-American ‘anti-riot’ law

Two lawsuits have been filed against HB 1, dubbed the “anti-riot” law. Passed in response to Black Lives Matter protests last summer, it’s mere bait for Trump’s base. It is the Proud Boys’ dream come true and Black Floridians’ nightmare — by Republican lawmakers’ design.

According to a lawsuit filed in federal court in Tallahassee by a group of civil-rights organizations, the law violates the First and 14th Amendments.

It increases penalties for crimes committed during protests and creates new ones. Plaintiffs point out the law’s definition of a riot is so broad that even peaceful protesters might end up jailed for violence committed by others. The law also protects counter-protesters from civil liability if they injure or kill protesters.

“The Act creates mandatory minimums for certain offenses and prohibits bail for those arrested, ensuring that even wrongfully detained nonviolent protesters must remain in custody for extended periods of time,” the lawsuit states.

Elections law

Multiple lawsuits have challenged the controversial elections law Republicans concocted to justify Trump’s lies that the 2020 election was stolen out from under him. Although lawmakers removed some of its most restrictive measures, such as a ban on mail ballot drop boxes, they still imposed obstacles to voting without proving why they’re needed.

Voters will have to request mail ballots more often, the use of drop boxes is limited and third-party groups are banned from helping voters return their mail ballots, which will disproportionately impact seniors.

The NAACP claims in its lawsuit that SB 90 creates “barriers and burdens that impact all Florida voters and disproportionately impacts the ability of Black voters, Latino voters, and voters with disabilities to cast their ballot.”

Social Media “Deflatformimg” Law

Little King DeSantis’s new wrinkle on pushing back against social media will be the new “deflatforming” Law. It will put social media companies in line for massive fines like $25,000 per occurrence for kicking candidates off line.  The anti Trump legislation is a response for kickinh King Trump off Facebook N Twitter. Fines are significant for companies based anywhere in the US. This is a Red State BS law and the Florida GOP knows it. Businesses advocates claim this is an overreaching into the private affairs of private companies. Legal challenges will certainly be coming soon with big pockets from companies like  Facebook or Google to defeat this bold attempt at the GOPs new ability to control the media.

More lawsuits will be on the horizon. The GOP dominance in Florida is coming to a close. I have no idea how many years this will take but Florida is going Purple. DeSantis has pushed his agenda without any thought to the other half of Floridians who are not members of the GOP. He actually used his power more forcefully than King Trump himself.  DeSantis use of no masks and open economy produced the highest Covid-19 death numbers in the country. Today many republican counties act as if Covid-19 does not exist, just like King Trump.

DeSantis vaccination policy was tailored toward the rich and most affluent people in Florida.

Please look at the 1864 map and see that not much has changed in the South since they lost the civil war. Its unfortunate but white supremism & racism is still huge in the South and that’s why King Trump and DeSantis are so popular. If Florida politics are going to change it will only happen when democrats support democratic candidates with big money and big votes.

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