List of Corruptions Done by King Trump

List of Corruptions Done by King Trump, sorry its so long!

Given how widespread Trumpian corruption has become, we thought it was time to make a list. It’s meant to be a definitive list of self-dealing by the president, his family, his staff or his friends — since he began running for president. To qualify, an incident needs to seem highly credible, even if it remains unresolved, and needs to involve making money or self political advance.

Foreigners are paying the Trumps.

The list of governments includes Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Turkey, China, India, Afghanistan and Qatar to stay at

Trump International Hotel in DC.

Bailing out his son in law’s bad real estate deals

The Kushner company also successfully lobbied the Qatari government to invest in 666 Fifth Avenue, a financially troubled luxury building. The company’s dealings with Middle Eastern countries because Jared Kushner is one of the administration’s top policymakers for the region and has played a central role in policy toward Qatar. 

Billing the US Government for Trump Visits to his own establishments

Trump has visited or stayed at one of his properties almost one out of every three days that he has been president, according to both The Wall Street Journal and NBC News. Like previous presidents, Trump travels with a large group of staff and security personnel, and American taxpayers typically foot at least part of the bill for the trips. Unlike previous presidents, Trump is directing money to his own business on his trips.

Choosing Lobbiest for Federal positions

DeVos is the most blatant example of administration officials protecting companies where they once worked, but there are many others. More than 164 former lobbyists work in the administration, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, including several who regulate the industries that once paid their salaries. 

Cabinet officials make unethical stock trades.

Several Trump officials — current and former — have traded stocks while serving in top government positions. In some cases, they appear to have made policy decisions benefiting the companies in which they owned a stake.

Allowing Cabinet members & Senators to use inside info on investments

Wilbur Ross, Trump’s commerce secretary, has mixed government business and his own business in multiple ways. He held on to investments — and then appears to have lied to government ethics officials about those investments. He shorted the stock of a company about which he appeared to have advance notice of bad news.

Cabinet officials take junkets.

Trump officials have made a habit of billing American taxpayers for their personal travel. Ryan Zinke, Trump’s secretary of the interior, chartered a $12,000 flight to fly out of Las Vegas, where he had given a 12-minute speech to a hockey team owned by a businessman who donated to his congressional campaign.

Trump’s team enjoys interior decorating.

The pettiest kind of Trumpian corruption takes the form of interior decorating. 

Zinke, the interior secretary, spent $139,000 in taxpayer money on new doors for his office. Carson, the secretary of health and human services, picked out a dining set for his office that cost $31,000 — and then gave Congress contradictory explanations for the purchase and blamed it on his wife. Pruitt ordered a $43,000 soundproof phone booth installed in his office and appears to have violated federal law by failing to inform Congress about it. 

He lost a needless government shutdown fight. 

In 2018, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved $1.6 billion for 65 miles of border fencing by an overwhelming bipartisan vote. Instead of taking the deal, Trump shut down the government and demanded $5.7 billion. He ended up with less — $1.38 billion — than he would have if he had just gone along with the bipartisan deal.

He asked the president of Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden. 

His phone call with President Volodymyr Zelensky was not “perfect” as Trump claimed. After special counsel Robert S. Mueller III found that Trump did not conspire with Russia in 2016, Trump decided to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by giving Democrats the pretext they had been looking for to impeach him.

He invited the Taliban to Camp David.

The terrorist group’s leaders would have sat at the very table where U.S. officials planned the overthrow of their regime, to accept the terms of America’s surrender on the eve of the 18th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks they facilitated. The disaster was only averted because the Taliban chose to rub defeat in Trump’s face by killing an American soldier. The invitation was possibly the most shameful moment of the Trump presidency

He gave Turkey a green light to invade Syria and attack our Kurdish allies. 

The Kurds suffered 11,000 casualties in the fight against the Islamic State since 2014 and gave us the critical intelligence that led us to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s doorstep. After watching Trump abandon the Kurds to be slaughtered, why would anyone step forward to help the United States in the fight against Islamist radicalism?

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