Let’s Consider This…

Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln are turning in their graves. For that matter, so is Ronald Reagan The G.O.P., which produced the likes of such towering figures, once strove to embody and abide by the principles worthy of the name. “Republicanism,” which represented the interests of the people against the big government and deficient spending. The principles of conservatism (resistance to radical ideology), compromise and consensus for the common good, has given way to Trump’s racist remarks and moronic behavior on a border wall.

If a character like Trump, heaven forbid, would have ever held a position of leadership in the Armed Forces, he would have been immediately removed and undoubtedly court marshaled. Trump is as impulsively dangerous as he is incompetent. He barricades himself in his delusions and takes his marching orders from the likes of Sean Hannity.

The discord of Washington politics & dirty political tricks from the Trump campaign pushed this moron into the office of POTUS. With control of both parties this moron did not stay home & govern, His one big piece of legislation was a tax program for the rich the 2% of the country & the biggest gift to Big Corporate America in the history of America.

Trump has played more golf in 2 years than Obama did in 8 years. He has watched more TV than the average 8 year old.

I doubt if he has ever read a briefing from any intelligence department. Or under stood it. I think the average teenager with hormones raging could do a better job of leading this great country.

As far as the republican party is concern America is going purple…America the great melting pot is going blue with a diverse group of Americans who want change…Green jobs which build our infrastructure and our economy at the same time. They want to tax the super rich at an appropriate level to pay for health care. That’s what the Non Trump base wants.

If the rest of the republican party does not wake up soon they will be a minority party for the foreseeable future, The time of Old republican white men with white hair ruling the Senate is coming to a close. The senate of the future will look like the house of representatives of today.

Lastly the roots of the republican party are sound but the moron POTUS Trump has cut down the cherry tree. It will be years before this tree provides fruit again.

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