King Trump’s Beliefs

King Trump’s incoherence, his temper, his impulsiveness, his breathtaking ignorance — all of it was well-known among the top tiers of the Republican machinery. … Not once did I ever hear any concern that just maybe they were working to install a useful idiot who truly was an idiot a moron without a care for anyone but himself.

His beliefs are listed below:

  1. Believes The News Media Is Evil. Except Fox News
  2. Covid -19 Will Just Go Away By It’s self
  3. Says He Knows More Than Our Best Scientists In The CDC
  4. Abuses The Constitution Daily, And Says He Can Do Anything
  5. Pardons Felons Who Are Friends And Persecutes Political Foes
  6. Helps The Rich And Taxes The Poor, Check out 2017 Tax Law
  7. Demands Kids Go Back to School as Covid-19 Rages Out Of Control
  8. Denies Russia Is Harming America, Does not speak About Putin
  9. Friends with Putin & Kim Jong -Un, Enemies of America
  10. Believes He Is Above The Law, A Monarch For America

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