King Trump Is A Fat Bastard, Who Cares More About His Golf Than The American People

King Trump has no intention of accepting any new normal dictated by the coronavirus pandemic. His big return-to-the-campaign trail rally set for Saturday night is dramatic proof of that. The event in Oklahoma will be an extraordinary moment, even in a presidency that has often defied credulity. 

In effect, it will be one of, if not the first, mass participation events indoors anywhere in the world in months. Support the cause: Buy and wear one of our Anti-Trump T-Shirts and make a statement and help the DNC and Dump Trump now. You can support the DNC with a purchase at

King Trump’s 20,000-strong crowd will be packed together, flouting social distancing, at a moment when major North American sports leagues are weeks away from playing games — without spectators amid fears of creating “super-spreader” events

The rally is only the most dramatic example of the President’s refusal to temper his behavior any longer to reflect a pandemic that has buckled the rhythm of normal life. In order to push economic openings, he is continuing to spread disinformation about the disease and the state of US testing. The cumulative effect is that it makes it seem like the worst public health crisis in 100 years has all but passed. By suppressing the White House appearances of leading governmental health officials and flouting his government’s advice on wearing a mask, Trump is also downplaying the seriousness of a virus that is still killing thousands of Americans every week.

His attitude is coinciding with tangible public fatigue after weeks of stay-at-home orders and restrictions on where people can travel, eat and socialize. And it suits him, with his reelection campaign in cold storage for weeks, to leave the impression that the country has already prevailed.

King Trump was seen golfing at his Virginia club on Saturday and Sunday, marking his first visits to one of his golf properties since March amid the coronavirus pandemic. The death toll numbers are over 115,000 and counting.

The presidential motorcade arrived at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia, Saturday morning, according to pool reports. The Secret Service members with Trump at the golf course were wearing masks, although the President and his golfing partners were not. The President was seen riding alone in his golf cart and a caddy didn’t appear to be with him. CNN reported The President was then seen golfing again at the property on Sunday.

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