King Trump Encourages Michigan Rednecks to Liberate Michigan’s Capital Building

Earlier on Wednesday, Mr Trump said he would not be renewing his government social distancing guidelines once they expire on Thursday. The guidelines – which were originally supposed to last 15 days and were then extended an additional 30 – encouraged Americans to work from home and avoid large gatherings, while advising those with underlying health conditions to self-isolate.

After more than a month being stuck mainly at the White House, Mr Trump said he plans to resume travel, starting with a trip to Arizona next week. He told reporters he hopes to hold mass campaign rallies in the coming months with thousands of supporters.

The US currently accounts for around a third of all coronavirus cases worldwide. Its death toll – at more than 63,000 – has in six weeks surpassed the number of Americans killed in the two decades of the Vietnam War. Unemployment, which just a few weeks ago were at a near-record low, now stands at more than 26 million. Newly released figures on Wednesday showed the US economy had shrunk by nearly 5% – its sharpest contraction since the Depression.

King Trump sat down at a roundtable meeting with industry executives Wednesday afternoon, and even as the U.S death toll surpassed 63,000 lives, chose to take an optimism tone, looking forward to what he said would be the country’s economic revival, stressing that more governors are looking to lift restrictions and more well-off businesses are preparing to reopen.

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With The president was notably dismissive of the idea of a new normal where people are wearing masks and have to space out in public gatherings, instead saying he wants the country back to where it was before the virus struck.

“I see the new normal being what it was three months ago,” Trump said. “I think we want to go back to where it was, I mean, when I look at a baseball game, I want to see people right next to each other. I don’t want to see four seats in between every person so that the stadium becomes 25% of its original size. No. I want to see the NFL with a packed house. I don’t want to see NFL with three seats in between people.” King Trump is dreaming about going back to normal without a successful vaccine along with his aversion for science has put more Americans in jeopardy.

“I want to go back to where it was. Only a moron would say go back! Let’s look at this in a holistic view that includes his White House staff and Republican Senators. These Republican Senators are also to blame for 63,000 American deaths because they let King Trump lies everyday about the pandemic without using science. These Republican Senators are backing King Trump and his stupid Covid-19 remarks and his penchant activity to appointment people who are not qualified for their position in charge of curtailing this pandemic.

King Trump says “That’s where we’re going to be. Look, this thing will pass, and when it passes, that’ll be a great achievement,” the president continued, despite no vaccine against the virus. Although experts predict a vaccine is still roughly a year away, and the virus will likely never go away and might even come back in the fall, our moronic president asserted it would eventually be eradicated. King Trump has very little grey matter and his personal need for success is overshadowed by his death toll of 63000 Americans dead.

King Trump has proven he is a moron with no social redeeming qualities. His leadership is non-existence. He only thinks of himself and getting reelected. But his leadership fighting this pandemic has shown the American people he is not competent in any shape or form. His leadership will result in killing thousands more Americans so he can restart the failing economy. His leadership has produced more people out of work than the great depression. Trump with all his failings he wants four more years to destroy AMERICA. The only way we achieve “MAGA” is to vote Trump out along with his cronies Moscow Mitch & Lindsey Graham. King Trump’s stain on America will be long lasting. He will have achieved his goal as the most famous President in American history for all the wrong reasons. One last comment I shame all the Republican Senators that voted against impeachment, the suffering the American people are enduring is entirely their fault. THESE SENATORS COULD HAVE SAVED AMERICAN LIVES WITH TRUMP IMPEACHED  & OUT OF OFFICE.

We need a POTUS to deliver results in reducing American deaths. Not a snake oil salesman who cares more about his poll numbers than the American death count. The President who loves numbers and American history can now claim to have more deaths on his watch than any other country on the face of our planet. Let’s get serious people things will not be back to normal for months and months and if “WE THE PEOPLE” can get a successful vaccine the economy might get back to some kind of normal in a year or two.

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