King Trump Doesn’t Care About Rising Deaths

King Donald Trump is an absolute disaster of a president. Anyone who makes George W. Bush look good in comparison is beyond redemption. Everything we thought he was—a narcissistic incompetent moron who surrounds himself with a motley crew of felonious characters—hasn’t just come true, it’s been even worse. 

Trump failed to act, much less overreact. Instead, he continued to downplay the threat of the virus, to declare that closing the “borders” with China solved the issue, and to tell his rally crowds that the virus was a Democratic “hoax.” After Messonnier’s warning on Feb. 25 that Americans should expect that “disruption to everyday life may be severe” and that hundreds of thousands could die, she was sidelined from further appearances.

He stands for nothing except for whatever suits him best the exact second in time. And when it was seemingly advantageous to keep the stock market happy, King Trump said exactly what he needed to say to pretend that everything was fine. It didn’t matter that the market finally stopped paying attention to Trump and erased all the gains it made over the last three years. He had his alternate reality, and it didn’t matter that his inaction was going to get people killed (as his own advisers were frantically telling him), and that’s what mattered. 

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You see why King Trump does this? Why he doesn’t pretend to have a strategy, or exhibit long-term thinking? Because the media rewards him every time he has a moment. Not a day’s worth of rational, critical thinking, mind you he is a moron. Yesterday’s press conference was a two-hour master class in Trump insanity. Most station turn him off after ½ hour of his spin. He literally claimed that he hadn’t heard anything in weeks about shortages of testing kits.

Still, the goalposts did move significantly yesterday. A few short weeks ago, he claimed there were only 15 cases in the country, and that it would soon be at zero. A few short days ago, he insisted everything was fine and it was time for everyone to get back to work and church. Something changed, and it wasn’t concern over human life. He’d already shown repeatedly that the stock market was more important to him than anyone’s grandma. 

So how does King Trump spin that can of carnage, particularly as it ravages his very own base, so primed to disbelieve science and the media that they’re ignoring pleas to stay home? Well, anything short of 2 million dead will be a “good job” publicly, but even he won’t believe it. And he’ll mourn their deaths not out of a deep sense of sorry and loss, because that would require the kind of humanity we’ve never seen him express.

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