King Trump Does He Have A Plan…Nope

President Donald Trump thumbed his nose Sunday at critics angered at being kept in the dark over the US killing of a top Iranian general, saying he didn’t need Congressional approval — even for a “disproportionate” strike.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been leading the backlash against Trump’s decision to authorize a drone strike against Qasem Soleimani in Baghdad, an operation that Trump only officially informed Congress about on Saturday — nearly 48 hours after the event.

Two Democratic lawmakers announced on Sunday that they would introduce a new resolution before the House of Representatives that they said would prevent Trump from unilaterally leading the United States into a war against Iran.

But a defiant Trump made light of the calls for him to get Congressional approval in any future military action, saying such notice was “not required” — and then saying his tweet would serve as prior notification if he did decide to strike against Iran again.

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“These Media Posts will serve as notification to the United States Congress that should Iran strike any US person or target, the United States will quickly & fully strike back, & perhaps in a disproportionate manner,” Trump wrote.

“Such legal notice is not required, but is given nevertheless!” King Trump What a Moron!

Democrats reacted swiftly, citing The War Powers Act of 1973 which states that when existing US armed forces abroad are “substantially enlarge(d)” without a war declaration, “the President shall submit within 48 hours… a report, in writing” to the House Speaker, currently Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, and to the President pro tempore of the Senate, currently Chuck Grassley, an Iowa Republican.

The problem with citing the War Powers Act in congress is King Trump does not read and I sure he never read this act because he thinks he is a King. The next problem is there are no bright people in King Trump’s orbit to advise him of his actions. Maybe that worked in NYC real estate but he has no idea what foreign policy is about and his chaos method of running the office of the President does & will continue to hurt America. Let’s face it King Trump is a man with a child’s ability to reason and learn. His accumulated experience in life fits on a dime. He may have a seventh grade educational ability, just like his followers.

The House Foreign Affairs committee shot back at Trump’s post in their own tweet Sunday night, stating, “This Media Post will serve as a reminder that war powers reside in the Congress under the United States Constitution. And that you should read the War Powers Act. And that you’re not a dictator.”

King Trump has no idea how to run this country and we will all suffer the consequences. Even his white supremacy base of voters will suffer. How’s is his farmers in the mid west doing? How is his coal miners In Kentucky & Pennsylvania doing? How are his auto workers in Ohio doing? How has his work on healthcare help millions? If King  Trump had his way the affordable care act would be in Moscow Mitch’s graveyard and millions of Americans would not have healthcare. Trump will be remembered as the worst President America has ever elected and his election win will be tarnished by Russian interference. King Trump is a mad dog on the prowl with the help of get me re elected republican party members.

I say let’s take it to the republicans and vote out as many as we can, bring true representation back to the people. It’s time “WE THE PEOPLE” stood up to anyone who doesn’t represent their State, their district and their town. Vote Democratic vote for the 99% 0f us who are not Mega Rich. Bring the power of the people back home to it’s roots.

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