Impeach, Impeach, Impeach Trump Now

I have been reading and watching the news about the Republican party and their inability to see the truth about King Trump and their blind allegiance to his moronic behavior toward foreign policy, How Liz Chaney can blame impeachment for the slaughter of the Kurds by the Turks when King Trump gave his OK to Turkey’s President Erdogan to go into Kurdish territory which has been shared by US troops for 10 years. The gall of the republicans! They produced fake news about Turkey & it’s amazing they can do it with a straight face.

Let be perfectly clear. King Trump is a mad man who only cares about Trump. The impeachment inquire is totally justified by his many action that caused the inquiry in the first place. King Trump has used his office to pressure a foreign government to interfere with a US election by requesting dirt for US aide and this proof is in the written transcript from his call with the President of the Ukraine President Zelensky with King Trump and over heard by many cabinet members.

The White House and King Trump has obstructed justice by stonewalling the papers, materials and persons requested by subpoenas of congress. With all this new information showing a President who does not respect or follow the rule of law and continues a shadow policy of election collusion for his own purpose. While all this is happening the spineless republicans are hiding out instead of coming forward to condemn King Trump’s actions.

The American people are seeing the real truth, not King Trump’s fake news and want to see the impeachment inquiry. I am willing to state on the record today history will show the republicans cared more for their elected jobs than up holding the oath of office and the constitution of the US. With the DOJ a joke since Barr took office and is acting as Trump’s personal attorney not the head of the Justice Department of the United States of America. It’s a low down dirty shame.

I will also go on record and say their will be 20 scared Senators who will go against King Trump when the evidence comes out about the dirty deeds King Trump put into action.  With his personal Lawyer Looney Rudy and the choice cabinet members who kiss Trump’s ass we will see and hear more fake news than the American people can keep track of in real time.. History will not be kind to Moscow Mitch and his buddies. They will be voted out of office in 2020. I believe Senators like Mitt Romney will stand up and not let our constitution be trampled by the spineless republicans in the Senate and the house.

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This lack of action by the spineless Republicans will be seen by most Americans and vote these money grubbing Trump lovers out of office and give the democrats a majority in both houses and a democratic President. I’ll quoted from a Bob Dylan Song “The times are a-changin”:

 The line it is drawn, The curse it is cast, The slow one now Will later be fast, As the present now Will later be past, The order is Rapidly fadin’, And the first one now Will later be last, For the times they are a-changin’

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