“I Don’t Take Responsibility” Says King Trump

It did not take long for King Trump to move responsibility of containing the Covid 19 virus in America to Mike Pence. The only problem with giving Pence responsibility was it gave him the spotlight. King Trump could not handle being a second fiddle so he contradicted Pence and The CDC with regards to almost everything about the Covid 19 and the actions the US needed to do ASAP. He has consistently been on the wrong side of truthful information about Covid 19.

Now there is evidence that King Trump did not like Anthony Fauci America’s infectious disease expert who was on the Pence team until yesterday when King Trump was not happy with him contradicting the White House on several occasions. That lead Chris Cuomo to ask, “ What is more dangerous than the Covid19 virus?”  Answer” Telling the truth about King Trump” No one survives that. Cuomo said ”Fauci needs to be above politics so he can lead the fight against the pandemic”

Now with the economy tanking because most of America is at home & not working he see his grip on the Presidency is going down the drain. Against the advice of all around him King Trump wants people to back to work. In his reality the stock market with have a Big V and bounce back. Again King Trump’s fantasy that the market will come back in months is just a dream and most economist belief it will take years, even with a Hugh stimulus from congress. This Stimulus will also push our national debt to extreme limits of solvency.

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Now the Republicans in the Senate want to provide big relief to corporations instead of the American people. King Trump’s tax plan gave the large corporations and Wall Street it’s bump. Now it’s all gone. The President who always wants to be winning is losing badly. He blames everyone except himself.

King Trump can safely say he was the President went America shut down with the Covid 19 virus. He shut down the Government once about a wall that’s only 12 miles long and many more miles of not being completed than only his red states morons wanted. King Trump is a man who used bankruptcy many times to screw little people out of their money & their jobs. He is the most unqualified person in the nation to have his job as President. He will go down in history as the Moron who would be King.

The American people beat Germany & Japan in a war we didn’t want. It took an invasion by Japan & the bombing of Pearl harbor in Hawaii for America to wake up. Well American industry has just woken up and will produce the medical supplies and equipment for America to beat the Covid 19 virus without King Trump’s help because King Trump is only interested in himself. He cannot even let Mike pence have a news conference without King Trump being present, because King Trump might lose some air time where he could spout some non sense about how he is winning.

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