Hitler Or King Trump Who Is More Dangerous

King Trump is a malignant narcissist. So was Adolph Hitler, and Trump is exhibiting more and more Hitler-like behavior as he sees his political fortunes dimming. Two events during Hitler’s time in power in Germany, the Reichstag Fire and the Nero Decree, invite comparison.

The exaggerated threat to federal property and domestic order, used by the Trump administration as a pretext for introducing federal law enforcement officers in Portland, Oregon, and other cities, is Trump’s Reichstag Fire. He hopes to provoke an “insurrection” that he can use to justify calling in active duty military troops and even declare martial law. Like Hitler, he is attracted to authoritarianism and will go to any lengths to maintain his grip on power.

King Trump’s deadly demand that society and the economy return to “normal” in the face of the out-of-control COVID-19 pandemic is his Nero Decree. He has abandoned any role in managing the pandemic other than hectoring state public school officials into resuming classroom instruction in the fall, a measure sure to increase the death toll, including among children. Like Hitler, he is a sadist, without regard for human life.

The obvious limitation of a comparison between any other malignant narcissist and Hitler lies in the scale of the harm done by Hitler. I am not suggesting that anything King Trump has done or will do is comparable to the Holocaust. But that does not mean that we should not look to Hitler’s behavior for clues for what we can expect from Trump. It is how we learn from history — or at least should learn — to protect ourselves from leaders like King Trump.

Analogies by pundits to the Reichstag Fire and Nero Decree are so commonplace that they tend to lose their impact. That should not be the case when applied to King Trump. In his case, the comparisons raise the gravest of concerns. They serve to warn us of what may lie ahead.

King Trump’s malignant narcissism makes him extraordinarily dangerous. He will stop at nothing to meet the needs of his insatiable ego, including attacking our democracy and precipitating the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands of Americans or more from COVID-19.

What I wonder is why No republican Senator will stand for our Constitution and our Democracy. Is there no one who will stand and say King Trump is wrong for the many things he has done against America. Are there no Republican patriots who will stand for our flag like the founding fathers? If Adams, Jefferson, Monroe and the founding Fathers are in the heavens are they crying because The Republicans care more for power than the Republic?

VOTE these self-serving cult followers & white supremacist of Donald J. Trump out of office!

Get Out the Vote Save America !

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