“Do Your Job”

It may not be known out there that I’m a big sports fan. I’m a football fanatic and a True Blue NY Giant fan and a football blogger. But I also admire greatness in coaching and I’m a fan who admires the history of the game. That said Bill Belichick the famous coach of the New England Patriots says ” Do Your Job” to all on his team. So I’m using his expression with these three men who chair house committees and who are bogged down. the three men are doing nothing against Trump’s people who are refusing to acknowledge congressional subpoenas and getting away with not showing up. It’s time congress grew a pair. Its time they used their authority that the US constitution gave them and enforce their subpoenas with fines and jail time to all that have refused to testify in front of congress.

 “We The People” are waiting for enforcement. The negotiating with King Trump Is a waste of time & money, Its time for action and time for the congress to “Do Their Job”. It all too obvious King Trump has learned the power of his office to go do extreme stuff and is unchecked by the other branches of government. Moscow Mitch and the republicans in the Senate will not do their job. So when will these democrats, head of these house committees do their job and bring the hammer down?

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Why are “We The People” waiting for King Trump’s tax Returns, Emolument paper work, Testimony from Treasure Sec Steve Munckin, Beauty Pageant winner Hope Hicks, King Trump’s person attorney Don McGahn, Mazars Trump’s accounting firm and The paper work from the Deutsche Bank. there still No action on Kelly Ann Conway’s violation of the Hatch Act. What about Fast tracking security clearances of Jared Kushner.  The wheels of Justice are turning at a snail’s pace. Its time to move forward & put these people who refuse to answer the subpoenas into jail & fine them every day until these show up to testify in front of congress. Lastly the gross violation of human rights to the refugees, waiting for asylum at the Southern border. These people at the border are being treated like animals inside metal cages. We are waiting for the democrats in the house to get to work.

“We The People” say Do Your Job!

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