Do Nothing Mitch, He is Trump’s Man

It seems like this once southern gentleman senator has turned into a do nothing Self Proclaimed “Grim Ripper” for the Republican Senate and not the American people. He’s nothing but a lazy southern hound dog of King Trump. There was a time when the congress was in favor of passing laws to benefit the American people, but that time has past some 10 – 15years ago. The Reagan Republicans who are still around have lay downed their principles for a bucket of dollars for themselves and their friends. The senate republicans are supporting an arrogant self-styling racist who is getting rich on American taxpayers and With King Trump wants to divide the American people.

The problem with this division is Trump only controls a red 40% made up of white uneducated middle & lower class Americans.  These people will support a buffoon with the help of a lap dog named Mitch McConnell to do his bidding in the senate.  Mitch has been doing nothing for years except passing the new 2018 tax law, which favors the 2%ers of this country.  This tax law gave his corporate buddies the biggest tax break in the history of America from 35% t0 21% and you want to know why the stock market is rising while the workers wage scale is going down.

McConnell seems to take great pride in calling himself the Grim Reaper, it’s part of his political campaign,” said Nancy Pelosi June, 14th 2019.  Yes this Prune Faced Grim Reaper who does nothing for the American people will not put any house bills to the senate floor for a vote. Why???  If you think Trump, McConnell and Graham’s tariff war with China is a big win for the US then your must be someone who can not or does not read, like the President.

Mitch & Donald say China will pay for the tariffs, but we educated Americans know that the American people are paying in what really amounts to a tax. China will not only beat us in the short term, but in the long term China will become the world’s currency, not the US dollar. Trump & his friend Mitch can take credit for making America a third world country. Trump and his MAGA buddies will be eating their hats all to soon. America will be a poorer country, unless he is voted out of office in 2020.

I’m a patriot first and a democrat second. If we continue to have Trump destroy our institutions we as a country will be weaken and his pal Putin will certainly take advantage. It’s not too late to stop this buffoon who is pretending to be our President. Nancy Pelosi knows the American people have not read the Mueller report and Trump has his Roy Cohen lawyers are stopping any discovery material going to congress for a proper over site.  The information congress is requesting is not privileged and should be seen by the American people.  It’s time Congress start using it’s power and order an “Inherent Contempt Order” on all who opposes handing over document they have requested months ago by several house committees.

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The graveyard tombstones are but a small fraction of bills the house has passed and Prune Faced Mitch has refused to let the senate review and vote their own mind. He has supported without question all of Trump’s self-serving requests.

How stupid can you be to support Senators who is being lead by a Prune Faced Mitch? Well the 40% of red voters think this is MAGA. I’ll say it again Mr. Trump’s 10,000 lies have made us numb to the office of the President. He can lie faster than the news media can check the facts & call him on his lies.

2020 will again bring a time of foreign influence and corruption to our elections, we the educated people of America who do read must support Democrats and Republicans who vote to elect people who support laws that help the American people, not ones who support the rich. It’s time we vote out the old white haired republican racist, who want to divide us and Look to the future with young energetic Democrats who have a vision that includes doing something drastic about climate change before its too late.

It’s time to really look at what Mitch and his buddies want for America and says no way not this time.  Its time to build a brighter, different future. Wearing MAGA hat that harkens to the past is not a plan for the future.

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