Build It Back Better, Repairing The Damage King Trump Left Behind From 2017-2021.

Well it’s the 4th of July and like many other people I want to reflect on the past year. Where did we come from and where are we going in 2021. Some people do this on Jan first but because of the “BIG LIE” I’ll do it now.

In the last year, the whole country has been storm-tossed. There is the rollercoaster ride of living through a pandemic that has killed almost 600,000 Americans. Then there is the cultural and racial change-taking place.

The fast changing realities of American life are particularly threatening for the Trump base of white, non-college educated, rural voters (Lizard Brains). It makes them open to what social scientists call “ingrouping.”  In other words, people seek the company of people like themselves in terms of economic class, race, and political ideology. And they turn against people outside their club, blaming them for their problems. That is the Cult of King Trump.

A prime example comes from an in-depth look at the people who took part in the attack on the Capitol that Republicans don’t want to review.  Of the almost 400 people arrested or charged, most are white males and they typically come from cities and towns “where the non-White populations are growing fastest,” Robert Pape, the director of the Chicago Project on Security and Threats, wrote in an April column in The Washington Post.  Are those rioters upset about loss of jobs?

No, according to Pape. The primary factor, he wrote, is “fear of the ‘Great Replacement.’ Which has no factual basis, but for the King Trump lies about foreign invaders.

Congress has hit a new low. It blocked a commission to investigate the attempted overthrow of the U.S. government. Now that is dysfunction. Jan. 6 saw the worst violent domestic insurrection since the Civil War. But it won’t be the last — As long as King Trump can rally his Lizard Brain followers to believe in the BIG LIE we, as a country will face the truth about how much trouble our Democracy is in today and we see white supremacy & racism rule the GOP to the detriment of America and Democracy.

Only time will tell if these racists and white supremists want King Trump to lead them into a path of destruction. Trump’s use of MAGA is a calling card for when the white race ruled America 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. With the population going toward the Democratic Party the GOP is in trouble and will lose its population power in the Southern states. States like Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and Florida these states will be turning purple then Blue. That’s the reason for voter suppression laws. New young voters want to see progress with climate control, immigrants who become citizens want fair & free elections with schools for their children. These new voters are going to be Democrats, because they want a party of ideas for the future. Not a party of voter suppression and absolutely no ideas to help America.

I have to say it; the GOP is a party of no ideas. Just a red mob that want white supremacy to rule America. The lizard brains followers who are “ingrouping” will continue to support a white agenda whether they are Trumpers or King Trump himself.

One of the GOP’s strong political positions was there is no climate crisis but with the extreme weather in the US during the 4th of July some GOPers are rethinking the stupid rants of King Trump and his insistence that here is no climate crisis. Hell, 107 in Seattle it must have felt like hell. Our national crisis is that the lizard brain Trumpers want to go back 30 years when things were safer for them because a white majority ruled America. But alas that is not possible. If we as a nation do not address climate change there will be not much of a planet to inhabit.

After President Biden and the Democrats “Builds It Back Better” we will see if the light of democracy can shine. Like with Pres. Roosevelt and Pres. Johnson with their social legislation that uplifted a nation. We will see if Trumpism will fade into the dark past, Democracy can survive for all Americans. But with GOP voting for Jim Crow 2.0 laws all over red states in America. We will see a hard fought legal & political battle to bring democracy back from the brink. I will say it again its racism & white supremacy starting from the southern states and working its way north that will put our Democracy to its greatest test. I hope the independent voters of our great country will put the GOP on notice. America is not an Autocracy It’s a republic with a Constitution of “We The People” Not a Kingdom for Trump to rule. That is my hope on this July 4th 2021.

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