An Open Letter To Republicans

While Moscow Mitch Complains about the Democrats taking control of the Senate and changing things in the future let me tell you how in the passed three plus years the Republicans in the Senate supported a Mad Man (TRUMP) who disregarded the American people’s well fair and was in charge of our government during the mass killing of needless American lives during the Covid-19 crisis.

He warns the democrats with pack the courts with democrats …Isn’t that what he just did these past three years.  They will turn to the economy…Yes with new ideas: the Green New Deal just like Roosevelt did back in the day. Biden will put millions back to work in jobs that will last for years and save the environment at the same time.. Moscow says they will over tax and they will. They will over turn the republican tax act of 2017 and in 2021 tax the rich pay will their fair share to pay for social programs.

Moscow also states America will not look like it does in 2020. That’s all too true. Biden will build us back better: new green jobs, better healthcare, build back infrastructure, cut excessive defense spending to 600 billion and use the excess money on Americans helping small business, American farmers. Biden will help the poor and tax the rich to bring equality back the America.

The American people who saw the Republican in the senate white wash the impeachment hearings These people will be voted out, the old guard senators will be sent them home packing into retirement. And Moscow Mitch you can no longer get rich being a Republican senator because the great people of Kentucky see you for what you are a cash puppet for Donald Trump.

You Moscow Mitch represent the worst of America. You are not a patriot but a supporter of a man who wants to be America’s first King. America wake up these Republicans do not deserve your vote because they represent themselves, easy cash and King Trump. Let’s clean our house of these self-serving anti-patriot people for good.

Here is a list of self-serving, Trump loving Senators who need to be sent home without their spoils.

  • Arizona. Arizona is much more of a swing state than it used to be. Incumbent Sen. Martha McSally lost the 2018 Senate race and is on the path to repeat failure: her challenger Mark Kelly has a nearly double-digit lead.
  • Maine. Sen. Susan Collins has been playing defense ever since her vote to confirm Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and her acquittal of Trump after impeachment gives Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon the chance to unseat her
  • More likely
  • Iowa. Trump’s economic policies are hurting many Iowans, and a centrist candidate like current frontrunner Theresa Greenfield has a chance to unseat incumbent Sen. Joni Ernst, whose approval ratings are underwater.
  • Montana. If anyone can take down incumbent Sen. Steve Daines in November, it’s Gov. Steve Bullock, who has already proven he can win statewide elections in the heavily red state – including his hold of the governor’s mansion even when Trump dominated the state in 2016.
  • South Carolina Lindsey Graham of South Carolina was once an ardent voice against Donald Trump, Calling him a crazy and not presidential material. His videos are record of his statements. But now he supports King Trump as is 100% behind his Corona virus plan of chaos and killing 200 hundred thousand Americans. His opponent Jamie Harrison is leading in the polls because people from South Carolina want someone to represent them and get rid of King Trump.

The tossups

  • Georgia. Georgia has a special election seat up for grabs. If the two Republicans in the race split votes and drag each other down, Raphael Warnock could get to 50% in November and avoid a challenging runoff. 
  • Kansas. Similar to Georgia, likely Democratic candidate – and former Republican – Barbara Bollier can take the seat if former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and Rep. Roger Marshall waste too much energy tearing each other down.
  • Kentucky Moscow Mitch has become rich as the Senator from Kentucky without representing his people in Kentucky. Scrappy Amy McGrath is coming close to evening out this match. Moscow Mitch is behind King Trump to the detriment of America. The good people of Kentucky see Moscow represents himself & Trump.

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