American Democracy: Power VS Goodness

With its cultish devotion to Donald Trump, the majority of the Republican Party is choosing a wannabe-autocrat over the political system that made the United States the world’s most powerful nation and its dominant democracy.

King Trump is showing that he doesn’t have to be in the Oval Office to damage faith in US elections and to trash the truth, as his radical movement based on lies and personal homage takes an increasingly firm grip of the Republican Party. The widespread mistrust he continues to foster in the fairness of the US political system is widespread among millions of voters. It poses a grave risk to democracy itself.

King Trump, using his bond with the radical right & conservative grassroots, has effectively turned the election reality to his false claims of a fraudulent election last year.  The new price of entry for any Republican candidate in any race is to foster the “BIG LIE”. Under his influence, the GOP has effectively shed its belief in democracy – a dereliction that is massively significant for the country’s future. The GOP is more about POWER than GOODNESS for the American people.

I don’t know how long it will take the GOP base to realize King Trump was never going to support the middle class because King Trump is all about King Trump and his rich friends. King Trump’s buzzword MAGA is all about white supremist and radical racists. MAGA is not about GOODNESS its about white power period.

And there are very clear signs that Trump’s assault on American democracy is working. In a CNN poll released last week, only 23% of Republican voters believed that Biden legitimately won sufficient votes to win the election last year. This follows a Quinnipiac poll in February that showed that 76% of Republicans believe that there was widespread fraud in the election. Even though Trump’s own man (Christopher Krebs) who oversaw the cyber security of the election stated on TV and in the NY Times there was no fraud and King Trump’s claims were baseless.

Court after court threw out Trump’s spurious claims of election fraud after his defeat to Biden. There is no evidence that he was unfairly deprived of office. In fact, the only person who tried to steal the election was Trump, with his bid to disrupt Congress certifying the results by inciting a crowd of supporters on Jan 6th 2021 that broke into the Capitol, sending lawmakers fleeing. Only a Lizard Brain would believe Trump won the election when he lost by over 8 million votes.

It was TRUMP himself who requested the Georgia Elections officials to find 86000 Trump votes on a telephone call that was recorded by such election officials.

As far as goodness is concern The GOP has always been the party of trickle down & favored the rich & big corporations. The GOP never has been on the side of social causes and they continue to block social legislation since FDR and the New Deal. I say if you do not like social legislation give back your social security checks and opt out of Medicare and pay your own way.

136 GOP’s in Congress voted to decertify the 2020 election because the white GOP party is losing power with regards to a declining white population base, so they are doing anything to keep power on their on their side.  Which includes acting against the smooth transition of power, which has occurred since George Washington days in office. Now the GOP passes new Jim Crow 2 election laws in Southern states where the GOP’s have a secure republican advantage to make it harder for blacks & browns to vote.

The electoral impact of Trump’s dominance over his party will be tested next year as Republicans have a historically good chance of overhauling the thin Democratic majority in the House, since new Presidents often get a rebuke. Since most midterms, especially House races, are heavily influenced by base turnout, the GOP may profit from Trump’s continuing ability to inspire the party’s most loyal voters. I believe the People who received the stimulus money from the Democrats in all Red N Blue states will see that the GOPs in Congress are all doing nothing to help the people of their states It’s all about POWER and not about GOODNESS.

As much as the base loves King Trump the base at some point have to look at their pocket books. Then the base will decide if they like their stimulus checks which Biden & the Dems gave them VS the GOP who did not vote for this free money. I feel the Democrats in 2022 will maintain the majority in both houses in Congress because they will champion their voters and pick up new voters who care about jobs, the environment, education, fighting Covid and free cash more than the GOP candidates from King Trump. 

Again this next election is about Democracy VS Autocracy and King Trump’s ability to push his hand picked lackeys to win elections in 2022. For now the GOP is united in going against anything Biden promised to all Americans, to Build It Back Better for all Americans Democrats & Republicans. Don’t let the GOP take credit for the money coming into their states, because they all voted against free money.  It was the Democrats who gave Americans Free Money to keep the economy going and people without jobs food for their table.

Here are some benefits from the Democratic Stimulus:

  • The US economy is finally shaking off the cobwebs and is set up for a huge post – COVID boom.
  • This is because Congress, the president, and the Fed all learned from the lackluster post-2008 recovery.
  • Strong and sustained support for workers and American families is going to help boost the economy through 2021 and beyond.

None of this would have happen without the Democratic advantage in the Senate. Remember it was the Leadership of President Biden and the GOODNESS of the Democratic congress that provided the ability to have these benefits from the stimulus plan. Again remember there was not one vote from the GOP for the stimulus plan. The GOP was more focused on POWER than GOODNESS

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