Absurd Answers to Articles of Impeachment

King Trump thinks he is above the law. His response to the articles written by Jay Sekulow and Pat Cipollone are a joke, because The King dictated these lies and defies the fact that one no is above the law.

The House’s articles lay out the true nature of his High Crimes & Misdemeanors with the brides to President Zelensky of the Ukraine and it’s cover up.

The president and his advisor were invited to testify in the house where democrats and republicans could ask questions on an equal time basis. He refused to testify & stonewalled the inquiry with executive powers he does not have.

The President who thinks of himself as a king abused his powers in dreaming up the scam to get rid of all people in the government who did not kiss his ring. John Bolton, Dan Coats, Alexander Acosta, Kirsten Neilson, John Kelly, Jeff Sessions, Don McGahn, Rex Tillerson, Andrew McCabe, James Comey and Michael Flynn.

The (Quid Pro Quo) was confirmed by Mick Mulvaney, Gordan Sondland on TV.  There were others in his orbit that had first hand knowledge of his illegal acts as well who testified. Kurt Volker, Bill Taylor, Michael Atkinson, Maria Yovanovitch, Fiona Hill, George Kent, Philip Reeker, Jennifer Williams VP Pence’s special advisor. Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman.

The article is constitutional valid and proper when considering King Trumps behavior. Please take time to read them. It’s plain and simple even a moron like Trump can understand them.

The obstruction of Congress was blatant and straightforward. Not one Congressional subpoena was followed by documents or personnel appearance. Trump is guilty and has stonewalled congress to get the paperwork & witnesses to the House inquiry.

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The supreme courts recognize the President’s authority but only as an equal branch of government. We have no monarchy in America even though Trump wants to be King.

The American people do not want the new normal of Moscow Mitch. Americans want a fair trial with paper work evidence & witnesses in the Senate to the tune of 72%.

This impeachment has nothing to due with the 2016 election and his legal team has no defense except to sweep the impeachment in the Senate under the rug. Let the American people see the evidence!

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