A Look Into The Future

The future looks bright if you’re a Democrat, Why you may ask.  Let’s look into several senate races today…Moscow Mitch is running neck n neck with an ex republican women Amy McGrath who is an ex Lt Colonel who flew F 18s in the Iraq war. At this point this could be a Democratic win.

Sen. Martha McSally is doing terrible in Arizona with an approval rating of 37%. Mark Kelly has 15 million in campaign funds. It looks like this is another win for a Democrat.

In Colorado republican senator Cory Gardner has a 36% approval rating Former Gov John Hickenlooper has a funny name and a 15% lead in  COLORADO. This looks like another Democratic win.

In Georgia Trump’s approval rating has drop by 17% with two senate sets up in 2020 and MS. Abrams leading the way with black voter registration could win one seat with David Perdue wrapping himself around Trump. I can see a net win of one Democratic senate seat.

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In Iowa Sen. Joni Earnst is the 4th most unpopular senator. Her low approval rating combined with her standing with Trump during the impeachment rearing spells trouble. Teresa Greenfield is raising lots of money and could come away with another democratic win.

In Maine Susan Collins support of Justice Kavanaugh last year is running against a worthy opponent Sara Gideon who has raised 3 million and Collins approval rating also fell to 35%. This also spells a win for another democrat.

In North Carolina Thom Tillis is in trouble his support for Trump sees his approval rating sink to 23%. His challenger Cal Cunningham looks good to take this race. I see another Democratic win.

The others with challenges are with Michigan with Gary Peters. In Minnesota with Tina Smith and Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire, these are more opening for the democratic party…

Do the math with Republicans backing Trump with his impeachment inquiry and potential Articles of impeachment coming to open TV hearing for the American public. This could spell doom to all who support Trump in these trouble times.

I don’t know when the Republicans flee King Trump, but the longer they hold on the more possible their democratic opponent will win these elections in 2020.

Only time will tell the future but the compass is pointing toward the Democrats having big wins in the House Senate and the office of the President. This Tuesday results are just the beginning of a tread that King Trump cannot stop. As the impeachment continues the facts will show the truth. King Trump is guilty of Bribery, Obstructing Justice and High Crimes.

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