100,000 PEOPLE DIED OF COVID-19 IN 2020

I have taken 5 minutes today to reflect on the high number of Americans who have dies in the past several months. This number is so high it’s hard to emotionally comprehend. I’m sad and I’m posing the question: Where is Donald Trump today May 28th 2020. He is smearing MSNBC host Chuck Scarborough on twitter with a baseless claim that twitter proves is false. He is getting trounced in the polls, by 11 points by Joe Biden via the latest Quinnipiac poll.  And that’s all he thinks about when the death count goes beyond 100,000 Americans. King Trump has no compassion for anyone, not even his fellow citizens. 

King Trump spent the time between late January and announcing a “15 days to slow the spread” initiative in mid-March in denial, floating misinformation about the virus and creating an alternative reality in which it might “miraculously” disappear.

“We have it totally under control,” King Trump said on January 22. “We pretty much shut it down coming from China,” he said on February 2. But concern was already rising in the US public health community about what came to be seen as the almost certain spread of the virus to the US and whether the country was prepared for its onslaught on hospitals.

Again I have to take a break from this post to reflect and calm down. A Columbia University study released last week found that had the US started social distancing a week earlier, it could have prevented the loss of at least 36,000 American lives.

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In the New York metro area alone, 17,500 fewer people would have died if the US had acted one week earlier, Columbia epidemiologist Jeffrey Shaman said.

New York’s leaders put the blame on the Trump administration’s failure to build a robust testing system that would have shown how deeply the virus had penetrated the community.

The GOP also deserves the blame for the ideological straitjacket that prevented a robust response to the crisis. Trump’s initial reluctance to support a lockdown and his over-eagerness in reopening the economy are byproducts of the Republican Party’s fealty to big business. King Trump & the republicans have been the problem in making this crisis far worse than it should be. Both King Trump & his party will go down this November. Even King Trumps Redneck followers cannot save him this time around. It will take a great effort by Joe Biden & the new democratic majority years to Make America Great Again.


Come Senators, Congressmen, Please heed the call, Don’t stand in the doorway, Don’t block up the hall, For he that gets hurt, Will be he who has stalled, The battle outside ragin’, Will soon shake your windows And rattle your walls, For the times they are a-changin’        Bob Dylan

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